Right brain or Left brain?

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    So which hemisphere of your brain is the most dominant? Are you logical or creative?


    When I first saw this she was spinning counter-clockwise and my fiancee (sp?) saw her spinning clockwise.

    I think this is a very cool optical illusion and if I stare at it long enough she'll change her direction. If I'm listening to music she'll spin clockwise but if I'm concentrating on math or something she goes to the left.

    Just something I thought would be a good conversation piece. Show this to your friends/family and you may learn something about them.


  2. Clockwise for me. Very cool! I should check it out sometime after reading one of my physics books and see if it changes :lol:
  3. I wonder if people that have had a frontal lobotomy see her doing handstands? :shock:
  4. How would THAT be a problem? :shock: :shock: :wink:
  5. Mike_AZ

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    I saw clockwise, then after I started reading the article, it switched to counterclockwise. I saw it switch several more times. I had my wife look at it at the same time I was looking and she was seeing counterclockwise while I saw clockwise. Trippy. :shock:
  6. Interesting. I first saw her going clockwise, but I figured out how to look at her and make her start spinning the other way.

    That's about right for me I guess. I am naturally right-brained but i can switch to a left-brained mode if I need to.
  7. Thayldt21

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    clockwise, I tried to see the switch but was unable.
  8. The trick is in....welll, I'll wait a while on the trick. If you are seeing it spin clokcwise, carefully analyze her movements. If you are seeing her spin counterclockwise, try to appreciate the form....well, let me put that another way... Try to appreciate the form of her movement.
  9. I can almost make her switch directions at will. First time I saw ti, she was going clockwise, then the next time i saw it, she was going counter.

    She switches direction for me if I think about it but its easy for me to see it either direction.
  10. OK, I see both ways and can almost switch the rotation at will.
    I guess that means that I'm nether logical or creative.
  11. I see both too....... and can switch.............. and now I have a headache.
  12. 9mmXfactor

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    i'm still trying to see her go counter clockwise... i just cant do it.
  13. Right brained folks, the creative inutivie ones, view a thing with more mental effort put into the enjoyment of the experience, so if so you're watching her body move.

    If you focus on a particular part of her body, especially feet, and the relationship of the movement of her feet to the shadow that they cast (ignoring the rest of the best of the body), you'll see the differences, and she'll start rotating the other way. Once you see that you can enlarge and your focus and watch the whole body turn that way. Focusing and critical ananlysis is a left-brained activity.

    Th reason that most of guys see her spinning clockwise is that we first notice the "aesthetic" qualities, and may even be distracted by them. Most of wives/girlfriends are not distracted by the model's aesthetic qualities so they can see how she actually is moving.

    Isn't that cool? Actually, if you can see either or both it doesn't mean anything important about your brain. You can rain your mind to evaluate and focus on detail, or evaluate the whole. The trick to training to mind to do that is discipline and practice.
  14. Same here. Interestingly 40% of respondents claimed 'both'.
  15. AGuyNamedMike

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    I saw this on another forum the other week. Most of us were able to switch direction at will. A good trick for those having trouble switching is to focus on her feet.
  16. I saw her turning clockwise, and without trying a couple of times she seemed to quickly turn counter clockwise one rotation and then back to clockwise.

    Very interesting
  17. Help! Help! I got switch overload! I'm about to lose my mind (up in here, up in here).
  18. At first only counter then I was able to switch it at will.
  19. Thayldt21

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    i called the wife over and Well we could not see at all how any moron could see it going counter clockwise.

    Then about a minute later we became those morons. :oops:

    Talk about a mind *******.

    So now my eyes are watering and we are done laughing.

    Reall good one.