Right side charging handle

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  1. And they are gone, I wish I would have bought one last week. Hopefully the will have more in stock soon.

  2. I Contacted Brassstacker.com about the RSCH and received this message.

    New batch got back from platers on Friday. I just had not gotten around to re listing them this morning. They are back available now, thanks.
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    Is the left side handle removed with this installation?
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    It would have to be. The bolt for the charging handle goes all the way through the bolt block. There's no reason you couldn't switch them out as you see fit, though.
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    This is not a permanent modification. You can put the Brass Staker handle on & later change it back. I have one & have moved it around onto several different guns. I have it now on my ATI 995.

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    Rightside Charging Handle

    I received mine about two weeks ago. It took less than 10 minutes to install. To bad they don't make one for the 4095ts & 4595ts.

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    Bad thing is to get the bolt to stay open with the RHCH is to stick an empty mag in and yank the bolt back. I bought one and installed it. If someone would make a button for the left side of the receiver to go with this charging handle all the better.

    For the 40, and 45 look and compare with the 9. Doesn't look like there is enough meat there and it would weaken the pivot area for the extractor.