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  1. I haven't seen rimfirehunter around in awhile. I miss that guy wheres he been?
  2. Strangerous

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    He's been busy, to say the least. Helping me clean the carpets in my former apartment was one thing he has done lately, he has also played auto mechanic and one heck of a father role to the girls of his... i'll let him tell you what else he has been doing.

  3. I have been very very busy for the last several weeks with what seems like an endless list of things to do. Back surgery had me down for a while and now I am playing catch up on all the stuff I was not able to do for the last few months. Still having issues with the back so sitting at the PC for extended periods of time is something I can not do, otherwise I hurt really bad in the hip and leg.

    Once I get a few more things done around here I will have more time for the forum.
  4. bobm

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    Damn guy, Hope its just a temp set back and rehab will have you up and about soon.
  5. Get well soon rimfirehunter, them back owies can be a real bitch
  6. Rimfire, get a wireless keyboard and mouse and you can enlighten us from the comfort of your bed. :wink: 8)