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I love the Marlin 1894 .44Sp/.44Mag. Lever action rifles are a blast to shoot. Of course I love any old west style firearm. Allot of history and tradition in them...

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Thanks guys!

A couple months back I went out looking for a Legacy Puma or Marlin 1894C .38/.357Mag lever rifle, its the 18.5" round barrel carbine and the ONLY thing I could get in that caliber combo was a 1894 Cowboy model with 24" octogon barrel. You think HiPoint carbines are hard to get try a 1894C right now! Anyway, my local pawn shop guy comes out with the 1894 in .44Sp/Mag and said he was in the process of pulling lost pawns and this was one being pulled. I gave him the $325 and went home a happy camper.

After spending some range time with the Marlin I came to the conclusion that my particular rifle had a definate preference for any .44 Special. Could only get two Mag loads to shoot half as good as the Specials, no bigger because I really prefer the milder recoil of the Special anyway.

About a month after buying the Marlin I started looking for a revolver to compliment the rifle, thats when I walked into a good deal on a NIB Charter Arms Bulldog. Last month I was browsing another pawn shop in the next town and there sat the Taurus 441! Well it has a new home and two companions to share ammo with.

The Charter Arms Bulldog is a great shooter and CC's a bit better than my primary 9mm Taurus Millennium Pro. The Taurus 441 is down right outstanding to shoot and extremely accurate. Recoil is noticable with both by no where near as brutal as a full blown .44Mag.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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