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  1. Say you are heading out for a 50+ mile trip this week to visit relatives, shop in another town, business trip, or just going out for a Sunday type drive with the family. What do you toss in the vehicle just incase SHTF happens while you are away from home?

    Remember, this is something you always pack for your trips and it may end up sitting in the vehicle while you are shopping or visiting but also may need to be carried along the road in the event of a vehicle breakdown. Will also be something you use to get you home with in the event of SHTF.

    So... lets hear what works for you guys.
  2. I always carry a portable air compressor/car starter. It'll jump your car, fill several tires and has a 12v cigarette lighter plug. Its always in my trunk along with a:
    Flashlight (on a charger near my seat)
    Road map
    Windshield washer fluid
    Ice scraper

    As soon as I get my CCW, then I'll have that as well.

  3. O.K. Here goes this is what i keep in my car at all times. It all fits into a water proof gym bag.

    1) full first aid kit and gun shot kit. i put the kit together myself.
    2) 1 extra change of clothes for my wife and I
    3) 10 small tea-light candles
    4) 200 water proof matches
    5) 2 25 min road flares
    6) 1 10ounce bottle of zippo fluid
    7) 150' 300lb test rope
    8) 10 energy bars
    9) 1 gallon of water
    10) $50 USD
    11) 150 9mm rounds
    12) 1 sure fire flashlight with 4 extra batterys
    13) 2 rain ponchos
    14) 1lb gel fuel.
    15) 1 4'' fixed blade knife
    16) 1 4x8 tarp
    17) 1 can of Pepper spray
    18) 1 sharpining stone
    19) 1 3'' folding knife
    20) 1 cheapo motorola 18channel CB Radio with 1 change of batterys
    21) 1 small sewing kit
    22) 1 package of water purifying tablets
    23) 1 mirror
    24) about ten ziploc bags assorted sizes
    25) 100rnds 223fmj
    26) 50rnds 00buck 12 guage
    27) copy of mine and my wifes drivers licence
    28) 2 space blankets
    29) 1 roll of duct tape
    30) 1 small air horn.

    Thats whats in the bag in the back of my car the wifes car has a simillar bag. I know there are somethings that are a little over board in there but hey if i need em i got em right?

    Now on me at all times i have
    1) 9mm pistol
    2) 2 extra mags in the glove box loaded
    3) a cell phone
    4) a flashlight
    5) at least $50
    6) At least 2 packs of smokes and my trusty ARMY Zippo!