Robbed of $4M in gold.....

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by SWAGA, Mar 4, 2015.

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    Wouldn't be the first time.....

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    TOTALLY an inside job. Miami to Massachusetts? Mechanical trouble. Stops in NC, and they are bound & gagged, and marched to the woods. Definitely an inside job.
  4. That is only about 200 pounds of gold. I am sure it was carrying much more than that, so it very well could have been a crime of opportunity. I am sure if it is an inside job it will not take them long to find the culprits. I95 is a heavily traveled interstate, so a broke down armored truck would get a lot of exposure. Depending on how long they were broke down, the robbers could have had plenty of time to concoct a plan.

    Sometimes a armored truck is not a good idea, it is a rolling advertisement that "we have large amounts of valuables inside".
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    It was not an armored car, it was a tractor trailer. "Usually" when they ship this way the materials are crated. Also there is typically two (2) armed guards inside the truck and a chase car that follows behind it. Most definitely someone on the inside set this up.

  6. I read the report, didn't look at the video, so I missed the tractor trailer part. So it does seem that somebody screwed the pooch. It would seem to be a inside job, but piracy on I95 is not uncommon.

    If this was inside then the truck driver was involved, he would have had to break down at a prearranged location. Seems pretty stupid.
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    Was it $4Mil or $2Mil when it comes to the insurance claim? Also, wouldn't it be safer by train, where they have vaults for that sort of stuff? Just askin
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    $4 mil in current market pricing, but it is worth over $10 mil at least. The PMs markets are so heavily manipulated that I'm guessing around $20,000,000 or so. Gold was screaming towards $2k/ozT in late 2011 and they slam-danced it to oblivion. Time to buy precious metals is right now, if you have some wealth to protect. We all have the firepower, so I feel safe in recommending the metals ;)

    Silver is the best deal of all. It hit $50 in the overnight trading markets the same year. That was squashed as well :(
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    Cartel big boys smashed the price to pay off China and keep them from dumping bonds. China is buying gold by the TON almost on a daily basis.

    This smells of an inside job and I bet the gold is out of the country already and on its way to China or Russia the two biggest buyers right now.
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    The latest says that the two guards pulled over because one of them got car sick. Both exited the truck and left their weapons inside it as soon as they pulled over. A van pulled in behind them at exactly the same time they pulled over and immediately announced "Policia" and snatched the guards up. Both guards were themselves Hispanic. The robbers tried to drive off with the truck but didn't know how to drive it, so they loaded the gold into the van.

    A blind man can see this was an inside job.