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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Hermitt, Nov 13, 2014.

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    I was discussing it with my wife.
    It would have been better if (t)he(y)
    would have kept quiet for another 15-20 years.
    These guys normally pride themselves on getting the job done as a team and this comes across as a bit too much of an effort to get the spotlight on yourself.
    That's for both those guys claiming and counter claiming.
    No wonder the top dog at the Seals told them to zip it.

    Imagine the following introduction:
    Here is so and so former member of Seal team 6.
    During the break you get to ask him questions and undoubtedly at every speaking event somebody will ask who fired the fatal shots.
    How classy would it be to simply say " sure, it was us....."

    Despite all the respect I have for these guys the fatal shot was fired because of a luck of the draw.
    Just whomever would spot him first.
    There is no additional pedestal required for just being 'that guy'.
    Just happening to be there doesn't increase the level of heroism.
    I would have stayed quiet.
    Now part of the 'shine' is gone.

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    Good post, Swags!

    I agree that it is too early for those details to be out, but this administration leaked many of the details almost immediately after the seals got back to base. That movie released last year didn't help matters much either....
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    The USA got Bin Laden.....
    We, the American People got Bin Laden.....
    It's really a whole lot bigger then just who the shooter is.
    To me it's completely irrelevant in any case.
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    might as well have painted a giant target on himself and everyone he knows
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    NE Utah
    Must have been lots of money in the deal, the few guys I met that worked on any of those types of teams were pretty quiet about particulars, and never claimed anything but maybe being near something big. But then, none of them was retired yet, and back then, nothing openly big was going on.
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    That's right, Bin Laden was the first we ever had assassinated .......

    (Insert top secret sarcasm )