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  1. Well, tonight at midnight the much anticipated game "Rock Band" will be released nation wide. I will hopfully be getting a copy tonight if I'm lucky, and if I do I'll be sure to come on here and let you gamers know how it is :) If you really think you might want this game, I would recomend trying to get it either tonight at midnight (if there is a midnight release in your area) or tomorrow. You can also try online at places like who will not accept orders until tonight at midnight. Otherwise you may end up waiting until next year to purchase.
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    I'm predicting that it's going to be an overhyped flop... nothing close to GH.

  3. Hmmm, any reasons for this? All of the reviews I've read so far (many of the larger game review sites/mags have had copies of the game for a month or so now) all say it's going to be awesome. They do say that the single player isn't as great as GH, but that's because the game is geared as a multiplayer game. Not to mention the downloadable content.

    Like I said, do you have any specific reasons for saying it’s going to flop? (also, it would be hard for it to “flop†financially as it’s already sold out at anyplace that takes preorders).
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    oh don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to knock anything, but singing games are not exactly the most refined. they could nail it, but I'm not holding my breath
  5. Well, the company does have a great deal of experience with singing games and guitar games (they made GH's 1 & 2, as well as Karaoke Revolution, which did very well on the PS2). They've been in the business of making music games since '95. This is their dream project, something that brings it all together. Really, the iffy thing was the drum's portion of the game, and everything that I've read so far says that they managed to nail it. When playing drums on the hardest level you are basically "playing the drums" and they could stick you in front of a real drum set and you'd be able to play (people with drum playing experience have confirmed this). If ya ask me, it sounds like they came pretty close to nailing it :)
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    cool hopefully it will be what people are saying about it
  7. Yeah, that's always the trick right there :) But I do trust the people that have rated it so far (gamespy has some good info, and 1up has their review up), but everybody has to be wrong sometime :p I'm more worried that I'm going to get the game, it's going to be awesome, and then my 360 will Red Ring O' Death on me and I'll be 360less for a month and a half.
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    I sold my 360 a few months ago. my wife wanted to get me another one, but I told her to wait until after we make our move. I KNOW the thing will have the 65nm chip in it by then :)
  9. expensive, but reviews look good.

    Too bad I suck at that kind of stuff.