Rock Island Armory M1911 A1 Tactical 9 MM

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  1. O.K., so I waited till all 'issues' were resolved and I shot the thing before I wrote a review. The end of July I treated myself to a Rock Island Armory M1911 A1 Tactical 9MM pistol. 'Full size'. I did my usual research and almost everything I found about RIA 1911's was WAY positive. I decided to buy myself one of the above mentioned gun for my birthday (July 31st). Ordered it from GrabAGun, paid $460 w/shipping. Came to my LGS in a hurry, as usual from GAG. These things come from the factory dripping in gun oil. Checked it out...everything was nice and tight. Very well made. Clean. No 'scuffs' or machining marks. Took it home to clean it up and put Hogue grips on it. I put a hex key into the grip screw, turned it about 1/8 of a turn and the screw AND bushing popped right out. WTF ? Giving the thing a once over with a magnifying glass I could easily see that the top two grip screws AND the bushings they screw into were stripped. Naked. Nude. I was pissed. I got a hold of Armscor C.S. and they promptly e-mailed me a shipping label. Back to the mothership it went. They quoted me a three week turn around time from the day they get it. I got it back today, the 28th day. No biggie. Everything looked good so I cleaned it up, put on the Hogues and ran to the range. THIS THING SHOOTS NICE !!! I sent about 100 rounds of Blazer Brass 115 g. FMJ and about 80 of the new Freedom 115 g. FMJ. Only one spent casing got hung up on the extractor. Everything else cycled beautifully. Very accurate, right about 'ON'. But I'm not a big fan of the tactical sights. They're all black. I need some contrast. Maybe I'll go with some Dawson Precision F.O.'s. or at least some NiteSiters stick ons. If anyone has used these, let us know how they do. Anyway.... I think this thing is very well put together and so far shoots like a champ. The slide, trigger and safety has no play. The weight and size makes for a relatively light recoil. The mags wouldn't drop free right off the bat, but after a few cycles, they're starting to drop nicely. So I'm NOW happy with my RIA 1911 and would definitely recommend it. It feels like a well made gun for a bargain price ! I LOVE its feel, especially with the new grips. Comfy. This gun is my new range gun and after a little breaking in and me getting used to it, I'm convinced it'll be a real workhorse. The ONLY thing that tweaks me a bit is Armscor didn't hook me up for my inconvenience. No free mag, or t-shirt or hat. Not even a crummy sticker !! I don't know, maybe I'm fuc.............:D

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    Glad to hear the good review.... That's a gun on my semi-short list..

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    Thanks for the review. I have been eyeing the plain GI 45 government model
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    I have been wanting this exact gun for a long time, just haven't found on in stock at the right time.
  5. I've had my eye on it for a while, also. Then about a month ago I went to a gun show and was finally able to handle one. I liked it right away and went home and ordered it. Something to note : This gun is almost always pictured with the classic 1911 wooden grips (Armscor websight, GAG ...) but now they are shipping with thin black rubber grips. They aren't bad but I like the Hogue wrap around rubber finger groove grips much better although I DO have my eye on a pair of ebony grips. SWEET !! I have to have a set of wooden ones, just because.:D
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    For the $$ wont find a better 1911. Armscor who makes more 1911s than anyone in the world. Exported brand, Rock Island and Citiadel, also Hi Standard.

    I have the Tac in full size .45acp, the .38 Super Govt. Model and the M200 .38 special 4" revolver. All steel guns.

    And that's not gun oil they come soaked in. Its an anti-corrisin concoction because they are shipped from the Phill. Each gun comes with a DVD on tear down and reassembly and proper cleaning before its ever shot. A full lifetime warrenty on the gun, no matter how many owners. Warrenty work is done in Parump, NV for all lines, the US Armscor Plant. They are shifting manufacturing here on Rock Island Branded firearms.

    a great forum for Rock Island is:
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    Now that was an informative post. Thank you
  8. I coulda saved you the trouble. Had mine for about a year and a half. She shoots better than I do. And not one hiccup. Have about 500 rnds through her now and couldn't be happier. Unless I had the new style billboard, that is.

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    Dollar for dollar the RIA is a darn fine weapon and every bit as good as the high dollar Kimbers etc.

    I've got two of them in .45ACP and routinely carry the CS.

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