Rock Salt in Shotgun Shells: Lethal or Not?

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    Rock Salt in Shotgun Shells: Lethal or Not?

    As a kid I seem to recall tales of farmers shooting at chicken thieves in the night with a shotgun loaded with rock salt packed shells.

    Is this an old farmer's tale? Will the salt really ONLY embed itself in the skin and sting like the dickens? Is there anyone you know of who has died from it or any farmer/protective father/jealous husband who has gone to jail from blasting a 2 or 4 legged varmint with rock salt?

    Please tell me what you know.

    Thanks in advance!

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    at a minimum its reckless endangerment to shoot at someone that isnt directly threatening you. At worst its attempted manslaughter.

  3. Maybe in your state. In Texas if anybody stealing from you at night you have a right to use deadly force. Or if you neighbor asks you to take care of his chickens, you have the right to use deadly force to protect his property.

    Back to rock salt. Any firearm is lethal at extrealy close ranges (point blank). But I think rocksalt turns to dust looses its momentum fairly quickly.
  4. yeah see the box o truth page for the answer.

    side note: wish NC's laws were like those in texas.
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    South dakota has no specified statue on the use of lethal force other than you must feel your or someone elses life is in danger before you can kill someone else.

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    Thanks man!

    Great to see the tests!


    And to all the rest of you who took the time to post answers, thank you all very much!
  7. I remember reading a news article some years back where an old hermit shot a couple middle school age kids with his rock salt loaded shot gun because they were trespassin on his property daily. Ended up killing one of the kids because a large solid chunk or salt solids penetrated an artery in the kids neck. The second kid lost an eye and had some scars on his face. All this happened because the kids were taking a short cut across this old coots property on their daily walk to/from school.

    Needless to say the old man spent his last years confined to a prison cell for murder, attempted murder, use of a firearm during the commision of a crime and a number of other charges related to injury to a minor and shooting a gun in town limits. All this because of a hot temper and a shotgun loaded with rock salt.

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    Lead character gets shot point blank with a rock salt shell in one of the Kill Bill movies...second one, I think...
  9. So um, what is rock salt even? I have never known.
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    AND you forgot it's also used in various chemical treating processes when working with Steel, Brass and what not for artistic etching (I've even seen some sharp steampunk-esque etchings done with rocksalt and the back of iPods)

    Back to topic:

    I seem to remember a topic on the old boards about this, but google just isn't playing nice tonight.
  12. Don't forget: any round can be lethal. While highly unlikely, snakeshot can kill under the right circumstances. If you want to piss someone off, give 'em the finger and make statements questioning their genetic heritage and possible connections to farm animals. If you want to stop an intruder, load up with 00 buck. Rock salt is for the movies.
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    Not so fast my humble stepfather, i've heard this tale before, and i found the real story:
    If you wander off of the video, it is NSFW, if you only watch the video, it's fine.

    It wasn't rock salt at all, and an accident/mishap it wasn't... he got mad and killed him with a .410 shotty. :)
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    at close range even blanks can kill so yes im sure you can kill someone with rock salt.
  15. Remember the actor that put the pistol loaded with blanks up to his head and pulled the trigger on set and killed himself a while back?

    I guess he thought since there was no bullet that it wouldnt hurt him

    I killed a dog once, didnt mean to and I feel bad to this day, he was a stray and would not leave so I got my 12 gauge and using the smallest birdshot I had, and got far away from him and tried to just dust him and encourage him to leave.

    One of those tiny pellets hit an artery and he bled out. Like I said, I still feel bad about that one. Wish I would have just kept him instead.