1. I like Rock. Very Much.
    It's odd. I was a teenager in the 90's and I listened to all the rock from said decade like any other kid my age did.
    Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, you name it.
    I had the album.
    But unlike a lot of teens then, I also loved and cherished the classics:
    Creedence Clearwater Revival,The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boston,
    Queen, Tom Petty, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Jeez the list goes on and on.
    And it's become more so as time has passed. I find myself with a Neil Young CD in my player more than I do my Foo Fighters. My tastes have reverted back to the core of Rock. Sure, I still love the 90's stuff,
    but there's something just freakin awesome about popping in Zepplin and hearing that opening to "When The Levee Breaks". That just can't be matched with what the industry is putting out right now.
    Now don't get me started on some of the new crap I have heard lately.
    What is the deal with "Fall Out Boy"? My nephew thinks they are rock Gods. I think they sound, and LOOK, ridiculous.Ach, darn kids and their new bands. Dear Lord, I've become my father. :shock: AM I hypocritical? Yes. I don't care. "Fall Out Boy" is stupid.
    Sorry for the rambling, but I'm feeling a bit sentimental tonight.
    So tell me what bands were your all-time favorites?
    Classic Rock or New Rock. Doesn't matter. However many you feel like listing. I'm curious to see what you guys have in your album collections.
  2. The beauty of the music of the past is that you only listen to the good stuff. Yes, even back then most of the new music was crap. We let that die and only listen to the good stuff. Remember what the number one hit single of 1969 was?

    (ragus, ragus seihcra)

  3. Patriot, "Fall Out Boy" isn't "Rock" they are classified as "Emo" or "Emo-Alternative".... Nobody in their right mind could classify them as Rock....

    As far as my musical tastes, I like a variety, but my main listening genre is Classic Rock. I do like alot of new rock/alternative and some country, but not that much country. Some R&B is good too, to spice it up a bit, and I to like classical from time to time. Basically, suffice it to say that I will listen to all of it, as long as it sounds good to my ear, I love music.
  4. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    Fallout boy? hmmm. I despise "Panic! At the disco" more than fallout boy. Just listen to "I Write sins, not tragedies"...
  5. neothespian

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    Most "alternative" is not rock in my opinion. Rock music is rebelous, driven and has a purpose. It is music stating something, and it always has. All the good rock songs are about something that matters to someone, and they're DOING something about it (Rockin' round the clock, Not shooting the Sherrif, Workin' a Hard Day's Night or Fighting for your rights...be it to party or to vote).

    Emo rock? Whiny. Flat out whiny. The world hates them, they're not pretty enough, it's someone's fault and they're going to go cut themselves.

    Country? It's 20 year old stale top 40 stuff nowadays. Eddie Rabbit wrote about the working man driving his life away, and Johnny Cash was trying and fighting to be the family man. Nowadays, it's proclaiming your a Redneck..and...er.... Proclaiming how Redneck you are...and...well...OH yeah! There's saying how the US is great but...not doing much about it. Just saying how great it is and how you suck if you don't think so. Not doing anything to MAKE it great.


    Gimmie angry, loud driven music by people DOING something!!!! DON'T write a song that says how horrible things are and cry about it! DON'T write a song that says you're better than everyone else just because and not PROVING it! Get in my face! PROVE something and DO it!

    THIS, my friends, is why I have gone from listening to Alternative in the 90's (Some of which was great stuff by the way...) to Punk rock. REAL punk rock. Fall Out Boy is NOT punk rock. Avril Laveen is NOT punk rock no matter how many album covers proclaim this. My Chemical Romance (Or MyChem, or MCR, or whatever the hell you call them). And yes, Hot Topic is NOT punk rock.

    Rock is:
    -DYI Ethics
    -Anti-Corporate mentality
    -NOT spending 160 bucks on a pair of jeans that are "distressed", or 40 bucks on a concert T-shirt when you weren't there
    -NOT making sure your hair is "properly tussled" to give you that I-don't-care-about-the-world-and-I'm-to-cool-to-care look.
    -Driving YOUR point home YOUR way, not by what sells
    -Pissing people off enough to get out of your way or to lend a hand to get what YOU want done, done.
    -Putting YOUR music out there saying "This is how it is, and this is how we're going to do it. If you're in the way, to F****** bad!"

    The Beatles knew it, so did Hendrix, Charlie Daniels, Sid Vicious, Elvis Presley, Joe Strummer and Johnny Ramone and a score of others.

    Don't DARE put these current emo blogging bois in the same category. They didn't earn it. You have to earn it!!!!

    Ok, I need a drink now
  6. JaySUS! Neo, this wouldn't be something that you feel strongly about eh? Wow, ya think ya know a guy and then he GOES OFF!!! LMAO!
  7. 10-4 on that, Neo.
    "Fall Out Boy" is most certainly not rock in my opinion.
    My nephew, who's just about the most brainless and senseless 17 year old I know, says differently.
    I think I should buy him a Black Flag album. His dad used to like Black Flag.
    Or maybe the Ramones.
    God, how I loved the Ramones.
  8. I love reading Neos posts...
  9. neothespian

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    You talk about music to someone who makes a living in the arts....duh :p

    I take my music seriously, I know. It's ok...I've come to accept that I come from a family of music zealots (Hell my dad made my mum listen to Pink Floyd while I was still in pre-production, as it were, just to make sure I would be accustomed to good music when I finally made my worldly debut).

    As far as "rehabilitation" music, you need to find that right mix of vintage anti-rock, mainstays and solid hardcore music that can take teenage angst and turn it into drive that should get him past his college years. Might I suggest a few choice albums:

    -Black Flag "The First Four Years"
    -The Decendents "Milo Goes to College"
    -Dropkick Murphy's "The Warrior's Code"
    -Minor Threat's "Out of Step" (just hope he gets bitten by the Straight Edge bug!! Anti-drug, anti-sex before marriage AND the cure for everything Emo)
    -The Clash "London Calling"

    That would be a good start I say. Encourage him to even try to start his own band after that! Granted he'll probably end up giving in after a summer or two like the rest of us...but you never know. You just might make an artist out of him and find him speaking out at college rallies and showing up on the political sections of SPIN magazine.
  10. A good start? That sounds like a fine choice for a play list on a road trip!
  11. neothespian

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    Bah!! That's only the tip of the iceberg! After you get him to understand the nature of Rock, THEN you pull out the derivatives. Throw in live recordings, and then you show him others who have branched out from Punk into other forms of REAL rock. A little Reverend Horton Heat, some Brian Setzer Orchestra...move into Ska with the Mighty Mighty Bostones and Save Ferris. Then touch on some 60's revival like the Hives and The White Stripes to show him the other side of the hard rock spectrum.

    All about diversity and power!! The more examples of positive, powerful music, the more he'll rebuke corporate manufactured music and start to think about art on HIS terms. Only THEN he'll understand the lyrics behind the music and then start to think what they mean for him.
  12. elguapo

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    I am with you guys on this issue: "New Music" SUCKS!

    I agree with all of the Bands listed, and have NO problem listening to them all. Sadly, my music collection is limited to what I have, NOT what I like!

    Growing up, my older brothers TRIED to instill in me THIER version of music which was "Cool" etc. To heck with that. Growing up in the car travelling cross country to my dad's next post, late night radio, listening to Waylon Jennings, or Johnny Cash was the norm.

    I said it before, I started liking the "Old Fifties" music back in the '80s.

    Now, I am proud to say, that its a shorter list of music I WONT listen to, vs what I WILL listen to. In a nutshell, its New "Country" (good description on the New Country music, btw) and Hard Core rap, or "Gangsta" rap. To me, its the same shite, but diff genres....nothign really grows from the same old stuff, repeated over and over.

    As far as "When the Levee Breaks" you got to listen to that with headphones, to hear how Bonham and the crew REALLY had the accousics set up for that song. One album from Zeppelin that stands out in that area is Led Zeppelin, thier first album. Listen to it with headphones (Good ones, that cover the ear, not the small walkman ones) and you honestly can tell when Jimmy Page changes guitars from song to song.
  13. Really just way too much to list, just keep the gangsta and old whiny country away. I also don't really care for what you guys call emo though I hear it referred to as techno.

    I do like:

    Classic Rock
    Newer Country such as Toby Keith and Big and Rich
    Some of what may have been called alternative in it's day such as Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper, etc,

    I also really like some of the re-mixes where older songs are mixed with rap, some of them are actually very well done.
  14. elguapo

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    I DO like Techno....but if its an odd groove, nix that.

    Same with dance music: Yes I listen to that stuff as well. But if it gets annoying, I ditch it.

    I listen to Classical, even the "New" stuff....its hard for me to differentiate between old and new classical.... But if its something I like, I will listen to it!
  15. Jarhead1775

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    Hey Neo,
    We all know you listen to Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Brittany and Hannah Montana :D :D
  16. masfonos

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    You guys sound like good fodder for the music forum. Check it out, there's a link in my profile.

    There's a pretty extensive list of what I like posted in various places over there, but it includes everything from classical music, classic rock, all flavors of metal and rock, some rap, RnB, you name it.
  17. Fall out boy is techno, not emo.
  18. Hah.
    Someone pegged you Neo :lol:
  19. neothespian

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    Fall Out Boy is Techno?!?!?!?!

    That makes Peter Gabriel, Orbital and the Chemical Brothers cry all at once... not to mention offending one of the gods of Glam Rock and one of the sources that techno derived from: David Bowie!

    How dare you.... :twisted:

    (Nothing personal, you do understand :D )