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I'm looking at a Romak-3/PSL, the dealer wants $890.00. Would this be a fair price? I'm thinking the Romak or an Olympic Arms Flat top AR for 1050.00. I'm open to any comments or suggestions.

Ron M.
The thing about gun prices is that there's always a better deal out there. Just for one example, J&G has PSL-54C listed at $750:
But, once you figure in shipping, FFL transfers, etc. you may be better off just buying it from the local dealer. Check everyone that you can find with them, make sure you're only comparing in-stock items (are are willing to wait for a back order) and make you decision based upon your own needs and desires. As for AR purchases--it's still nutty out there. I'm not buying anything AR for the time being unless I luck into something. Whatever you do, you'll have made a good choice. The PSL is a cool rifle and everyone needs at least one AR.
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