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  1. ok I have this rifle and am thinking about reloading the .45lc because I am somewhat dissapointed in the factory loads, but I am unsure about something all the reloading manuals I look at have standard .45lc then a section that says (Ruger and T/C only) my question is this, I know this is referring to a handgun but is it safe to fire the ruger T/C loads through this rifle.

    also all the reloading stuff refers to muzzle velocity out of a handgun anyway to get this for a rifle, (without buying a chrono)?

    I have been unable to find the answer so any advice or direction on this would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. Shooting a pistol hand load out of a rifle is fine. You'll have higher velocity and pressures are going to be bit higher, but with the rifle you'll be ok. Just follow your load data to the letter and see what kind of performance you get before you start experimenting with the loads.
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    The ruger and T/C loads are designed for a gun that can take high pressure rounds. 95% of 45lc guns out there cant, thats why they list them seperate. Load off the standard charts and you should be OK.

  5. +1 @ what SW said.

    Loads that state Ruger, TC or Marlin only are high pressure loads that would ruin most of the reproduction guns. The .45LC loads you want to shoot in the Rossi should be from the standard load charts or the Cowboy charts. NEVER EVER shoot a Ruger, TC or Marlin ONLY load in any other gun, otherwise you may ruin your gun and perhaps your self.
  6. I understand not to shoot +p ruger T/C loads out of pistols not rated but since it is a rifle and I know rossi makes hi powered rifles which handle much higher pressure than the +p 45lc loads, I would think it would be able to handle the load.

    as I said earlier I can also shoot 3 inch .410 shells, I thought I could compare .410 pressure to the .45lc and get an idea of what the gun can handle but i cant find any info on the what the .410 pressure range is.
  7. What you can also do is call Rossi and find out what their recommendations are for shooting reloads. That itself would settle the issue and give you some guidelines as to what is recommended for those weapons.
  8. yeah I plan on calling them this week and asking about +p loads, my work schedule has kept me from being able to call, during business hrs, and they don't have an e-mail address (what kind of company doesn't have e-mail this day in age???)