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  1. Does anyone here have any experiance with the Rossi single shot break action rifles, I have been kinda looking at them for a varmint gun for the daughter (or me). I just don't know anyone who has one to comment on thier accuracy. The seem like good rifles for the price, but if it can't shoot MOC (minute of coyote) then it wouldn't be much use.

  2. NEF's are definatly a better rifle but the Rossi's are not too shabby for the price. I have shot a couple in .22lr (really heavy for the caliber they use) and some in .223, all were standard tapered sporting barrel rifles. If I could get my hands on a .22 Hornet or .22 Mag chambered Rossi it would be coming home with me. The factory open sights on the Rossi's are nothing short of crude and cheap, but they do work for moderate open sight accuracy.


  3. I'd go with NEF, the price isn't that much higher, and the rifle can grown with your daughter, as she gets older you can send it in for a new barrel in a larger caliber, and still use the old one too. They are a hell of a bargain. I've got one in 30-30, and I'm thinking of sending it off for a 243 or 270 barrel for varmints.
  4. I have a NEF in 223 and a Rossi that comes with a 17 HMR and the other barrel is a 20 ga shotgun . Rimfirehunter is correct that the NEF is a better rifle . My Rossi came with iron sights on the 17 HMR barrel and I ordered a base and mounted a 6 power scope on it . It holds a good group , and I am well pleased with it . You can go from a rifle to a shotgun in less than a minute. I would like to find a 22 LR with a 20 ga barrel, but the only way it comes is in a youth model and my arms are too long for the short stock.
    I think that I gave about $169.00 for it .
  5. Well, at the local gun show today, they had a 223/12guage rossi combo for $185, I liked the way it felt so I let it follow me home.


    I also liked the case it came with.

    I plan to mount a decent scope on it (definatly dont like the stock sights).

    Since my daughter is already 5'7" I went with the adult model. When I get a chance to take it to the range, I will post a range report.
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    I'd pass on the Rossi(Brazil) and try the New England Firearms/Harrington and Richardson line of single shots. I've owned NEF/H&R rifles in .223, 22-250 and .308 and I feel you just can't go wrong with them. They are of American-made, simple designed quality, easy to scope,reasonably priced and quite accurate.
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    I've had a Rossi or 2 when I was younger. They weren't bad, but weren't great either. The furniture was kinda half @ssed, the action was sloppy, and the accuracy was sub par. IMO, there are much better 22 plinkers out there.

    For the money I'd pick a used Marlin, Remington, Henry or Savage.
    The most kick-butt .22 rifle is the Browning 22 auto. Recoil is less than a Daisy BB gun, and is a very beautiful weapon. On the expensive side, but very accurate, light, comfortable and low-key.

    You also cannot go wrong with a 10/22. I've had mine since 1984 and is my go-to varmint smasher.

    Cricket makes great kids guns- my daughter loves them.
  8. I got the 223, not the 22. Ive got plenty of 22's but wanted a single shot 223. The furniture on my new rossi is actually kinda nice, especially for the price paid. The action is tight (hopefully it will stay that way) and accuracy is still untested. The main purpose of this gun will be to shoot coyotes at around 125 yards off my front porch. I see 2-3 a year from the front door, and by the time I get one of my other rifles out of the ccabinet in the bedroom, they are gone. So this one will stay in a rack by the door, with a couple rounds stashed in the closet by the door. I choose the 223 so I could initiate my daugter to high power rifled without getting her scared of the recoil. She currently shoots a 22 marlin bolt action, a 20 guage 870 youth model and a heritage 22 revolver. She actually does quite well with them, and is ready to move up in the range and power scale, but she is still a little recoil shy. Is there better guns out there? you bet there is, but just like our beloved hi-points, maybe not for the price............
  9. Looks nice. I want to get a single shot in .308 and make like a poormans sniper rifle.
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    I have an H&R single shot breaker in .22 Hornet for my Varmint gun, and I can punch a ragged hole at 100 yds... which is fine for me, just wish it was bolt action, and cheaper to shoot... damn .223 :x
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    Cool, How old is your Daughter? Mine is 5, she's shot a .22 a few times- even with a youth gun she has a reach problem. I'm going to give it a couple of years. I think my mini-14 would scare her away. .223 is much louder too.
    She's great with a longbow! (kids 50")
  12. She's 11, but she's 5'7" and 200+ pounds (big girl). She is a hockey player and really loves the shooting sports. I know she will do well with a high power rifle, but I have to bring her up easy. As tough as she is, she is still recoil sensitve. She gets used to it quick, but if it is extream at first, its real hard to proceed from there. She has shot my c9 a couple times, and wants to shoot my 45's (won't let her, she's not ready for the recoil yet, and don't want to pick the gun out of the dirt :lol: )

    It's kinda fun when the family gets together to shoot, she shoots just as good as my 14 year old nephew and consistantly out shoots my 13 year old nephew (the 13 year old keeps saying girls cant shoot, thats what makes it so fun)

    Good times, but dang they grow up so fast........