Back in January, forum member Bill Davis walked us through his budget carbine build that included taking a base model and, in a few installments, increased the functionality of the sweet little 4595 by selecting and adding optics.

Now Bill is back with an update after running into some problems with his build-- in which Mom was able to help get him closer to the 'X' -- Editors.

Had a little set back since the last article. After mounting the scope, I was not able to get it sighted in at 50 yards. Eight hits on an 11x17 target out of 40 rounds fired out of a bench rest. This is after using the bench rest and a bore laser on a 50-yard target and matching the scope to the laser dot. A call to Hi Point techs helped a lot. I sent the carbine to them. They fixed or replaced 18 items. I talked to the tech that did the repair, (where else do you get that kind of service?), he said there were other issues they took care of as well.

So back to square 1. Back to the range at 25 yards after a quick sight in at 50 feet. This thing is spot on now. I will be heading back to the 50-yard range with the factory sights, and eventually reattaching the scope.

So total investment hasn't changed ($269) since last time but I am up one new magazine.

All I can say is the gun has a completely different feel to it now. I'm very pleased.

Thinking of adding either a barrel shroud or a muzzle brake. I know neither has much performance value but they do look nice.

The target is 27 rounds. Not bad

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(Editors) Incidentally, Hi Point has some of the best warranty people around and is renowned for their "no questions asked" policies.

To get warranty work, figure out your model and visit their website to find out which service center to ship it to.

Mom advises of the following when sending in a firearm for service:

When sending your gun to Hi-Point for repair, please include the following information: name, full address (including street, city, state, and zip code), phone number, e-mail address, serial number, and model of firearm, and a description of the needed repair.

Also, include all magazines that you use with your gun so our technicians can test the gun with its magazines. Finally, please be certain there are no live rounds shipped with the gun.