Royals sweep again!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Liberty, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Liberty

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    The Kansas City Royals have SWEPT THE ENTIRE PLAYOFFS!

    No team in history has won the first 8 straight in the postseason! I have waited TWENTY NINE YEARS for the Royals to return to the playoffs. From 1976-1985, the Royals were in the postseason 7 out of 9 years. They lost the World Series in 1980 to the Phillies, and beat the Cardinals in 1985, my senior year in High School.

    They won The Wild Card Game, beating the A's at their own game. They swept the Angels, the team with the best record in baseball, and held Mike Trout - one of the game's best players - to one hit for the whole series. They swept the Orioles - the second best team in baseball.

    It's on to the World Series!
  2. Grant

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    8-0 in the post season. Looks like they may be on a bit of a roll

  3. Bull

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    I'm still in a state of disbelief!...
  4. SWAGA

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  5. Moestooge

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    Congratulations to the Royals from this Cardinals fan. They are on a roll, as all aspects of their game (pitching, defense, hitting) are red hot. The Royals had the fewest home runs in the majors during the regular season.
  6. Bull

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    The Cards are making an I-70 series look slim.... Get em on track!
  7. Liberty

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    I would love to see a repeat of 1985 - in SO many ways - especially the part where the Royals bested the Cardinals.

    I know it's a million to one longshot that the Royals will sweep the World Series, but it's been done. Big Game James will be on a week and a half rest, the entire team has four days rest, we start IN Kansas City 2-3-2! 2 games in Kansas City, 3 games at the other team, 2 more in Kansas City if needed.

    If the Royals beat the Angels and the Orioles 2 games in their respective cities, the two best teams in baseball during the regular season, we've got a FANTASTIC shot if we win the first two in Kansas City - that means only 2 more wins for the entire series and it's done!

    I've been bringing my Royals memorabilia out of retirement and have my "sweep" broom up at work. 29 years of complete drought after the first 9 years of rooting for the Royals meant 7 playoffs and two World Series has been hard. This year has been amazingly fun, no one player carrying the team, but the entire team making the game fun again.
  8. planosteve

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    Are those minor league football teams?
  9. Liberty

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    Isn't football one of the minor league sports to watch if there's no baseball? =P

    I believe football season starts the first Sunday after the World Series is over.

    In other news, the San Diego Chargers are 5-1 in the pre-season with the best record in football. I'll start following my minor league team in earnest after Kansas City wins the Series. And even though I'm a Royals fan - the only time I root for the Chiefs is if it makes a difference for the Chargers.