Rubber dust covers for 995 magazines???

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Hoot, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I've look all over web for something that would work, but I could not find a thing.

    I have the two clip holder on the stock of my 995TS, and having read of some reports of the magazines dropping rounds when subjected to recoil, it struck me that a flexible rubber dust cap over the top of the mags would be the ticket. It would help those of us who might carry an extra clip in our pockets as well.

    However, no one seems to make a 9 mm, single stack magazine dust cover.

    Anyone on the forum found anything like this?
  2. cicpup

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    Since rounds would fall out the front and not the top, a piece of rubber inner tube would work.

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    I guess you could use the bottom of a single stack mag pouch?
  5. Rachgier

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    I've run hundreds of rounds through my 4095 on multiple occasions and NEVER had a single round fall out of a mag, or a mag fall out of the holder. Secure them base down nose up, as I have here in the following pic, and I'm willing to bet you never have an issue.

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    Sounds like an entrepreneurial opportunity to me.

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    Props to all of youse guys, for not mentioning the "obvious" :D

    H:eek::eek:T, I have some heat shrink, that could perhaps be used and make a fine "mag-pull" style top to ease removal. I will see how that works out. Give me a maximum length from the top of the clip to where the clip-holder contacts the clip as installed in the clip-holder as installed on the stock, in it's proper clip-holder position. I am thinking some extra contact area will keep you from "slipping a clip" so to speak ;)
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    I was thinking that someone could use a home silicone kit to fake a few up.

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    My idea is waaaay better, just man up and admit it.
  10. 2-3/8" from nose up top cartridge down to just before the clip meets the holder...with about an 1/8" to spare.

    Dang, can't remember where I read the piece about the magazines popping out, slidfing up and down, and rounds falling out of the clips. I thought it was here, but must have been on another forum somewhere. I did some digging before I bought the 995ts and found way more good comments than bad.

    Could be an isolated case, or a user with a bad attitude??? I can't see the clips falling out of those holders, as they are pretty tight. As far as rounds popping out of the clip...again, I can't see that happening very easily, especially with the nose up position when the clip is mounted to the holder.
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    Now, if you look at my picture, you will see the mags are slid down until they hit the end of the stock just before the "recoil" absorbing butt plate. Once seated on there they don't slide for me at all. Also, I can see the mags "falling" out of rounds getting stripped from them if oriented upside down with the floor plate facing up towards the front of the rifle. Why you ask? Because silly that's where your arm goes. The mags and mag holders don't suck, you (the guy who swears they suck, not you Hoot) do because you're the one making it happen when you fire the weapon and shift your arms.
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    Perhaps 2-1/4" would give a bit more lee-way, but the shrink tends to shrink a bit in length as well as girth. I will likely have to use the 4095 mag as a shrink template, if I use the 9mm, it will be too tight to add and remove on the intended mags! I'm also thinking of a hole and lanyard to attach the caps to the stock, so you don't have to worry about losing them, H:eek::eek:T!

    I know a lady named Annie, used to have a BF named H00T and they called them Hoot-n-Annie :D
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