Ruger 10/22 and powderless ammo

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    Well, when you work from home you eventually begin finding ways to fill your day when it is slow. I picked up some of the aguilla cailibri powderless .22 rounds from my local gun store. It stinks that you have to load them manually because they wont cycle a semi auto, but it is a small price to pay for being able to shooting in areas without a lot of space. I got a large box, and basically layered it with about 20 layers of cardboard and newspaper until it was completely packed and use that to put my targets on. Now, with all that being said, I live in a rural area where it is completely legal to shoot any firearm in my back yard. I just like the fact that the powderless ammo has a very low muzzle velocity of 500 fps. I wouldnt recomend anyone shooting in an area where it is not legal to do so.

    Anyway, I had a bunch of time to kill this week. So I decided to get out one afternoon with the ruger in the back yard. I have been having some trouble getting good groupings. Not because of the firearm, I just honestly needed more practice. Alhtough still not perfect, I dont think this attempt a was too bad. It is either 10 or 11 rounds at about 20 yards. (I lost count and fired one more to make sure I had a ten) Completely stock, with standard sights. I really didnt expect the ammo to be able to hold good groups anyway, but it did better than I thought it would. I still have two little guys that wanted to wonder, but hopefully next time will be a bit better. Target is 8.5" x 11".


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    Oh yea, and one more disclaimer. That ammo is not made to be shot through a rifle. Due to low velocity there is an increased chance of having a round stuck in the barrel. If you use this ammo in a rifle, which is not recomended, then have the common sense to make sure the last bullet came out before firing another one.

  3. Nice shooting! I didn't know powderless ammo could group like that.
  4. I have been using the Aguila Super Colibri's for about 7-8 years now and its one of my favorite rounds in a standard .22lr. I find it works best in my Savage MkII mag fed bolt rifle, it feeds just fine and is accurate enough to take squirrel out to 20 yards. Living inside town limits I am not able to enjoy backyard shooting with the ammo, but if I lived out of town I would probably shoot a couple bricks of this stuff a month.

    One word of advice on using the Super Colibri's in a rifle length barrel. Make darn sure your barrel is clean, not leaded and not rusty before using this ammo. Also make sure you hit the target and if in doubt check the bore with a cleaning rod and make sure you dont have a bullet stuck in the bore. I had it happen on two older rifles with lightly leaded bores, now I make darn sure my bores are clean and the rounds exit the barrel after each round is fired.

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    I shoot it all the time in the backyard. There is a guy up the street who takes birds with it in his orchard. It does not spook the folks who live around his orchard...

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    Same here what I like best using a bolt action with them you can easily remove the bolt and check the barrel after every shot :lol:
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    I was going to add: the first time I saw this ammo I saw it shot in the gun stop. :D They had a stump in the back room. No one was there and they opened the door to the back room at took a shot at the stump from the front counter. That sold me LOL
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    so not having any powder.. that means this is uber super quiet yes?

    like almost not audible since its just primer projecting the bullet?
  9. I used to shoot these indoors into a cardboard box full of newspaper. It was great to be able to shoot at home in any weather. They were quiet enough that it didn't bother the neighbors. If you tried that now,and the neighbors heard then complained, you'd likely get arrested for discharging within city limits. They are too loud in a handgun, though. In many ways it's a shame the way times have changed.
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    when I shoot them from my Remington 597 my Chicom air rifle is louder.
  11. NDS,

    Agiula has two types of Colibr ammo...

    First is simply Aguila Colibri and the second is Aguila Super Colibri. There is a difference in the amount and type of primer compound used in each round, so the velocity and noise is different. The Colibri rounds are slightly slower and a wee bit quieter and they tend to be better suited for indoor handgun use.
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    I also noticed that the super colibri's say long rifle on the box and do not warn against use in a rifle. The regular colibri's do not say long rifle on the box, and have a warning against using them in the rifle.

    I didnt realize this until I got a box of the regular calibri's and my shots were dropping lower than before. I had already thrown out my old ammo boxes, so I had to go pick up some more to see what the difference was.

    Yesterday, I picked up a .22 pistol and tried the colibri's. Just as rimfire said, the super calibri's are a bit loud in a pistol, but make almost no sound through my 10/22. The regular calibri's are much quiter through a pistol, almost the same as firing one of the supers through a rifle.

    I will get a pic of the different boxes here in a little bit.
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    Try the sss agulias. They have a 60 grain bullet and are pretty quiet in a 1022. Mine didn't cycle every time untill I polished the hammer and bolt interface.

    You hear an interesting splat when it hits. kinda wierd.
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    we shoot them in our driveway. we live about ten miles in the country. we shoot them through my daughters cricket and have a blast. we have a target with paddles that swing when you hit them. we have never had an issue with them in her cricket.