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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by steyraug223, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. steyraug223

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    i absolutely love my .22 and i was wondering what kind of upgrades and fun stuff you guys have on yours. I have a couple high caps, a scope, and thats its.
  2. bamaboy06

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    Throw you a muzzle break on it.It makes it look a little tougher.You can also add a heat shield and a bolt buffer.I have got to find another small scope or a red dot to put back on mine.

  3. rimfirehunter

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    Here's a pic of my Ruger 10/22 and Ruger 22/45. I just bought the 10/22 a couple weeks back and have not had a chance to add anything other than a Bushnell Sportsman 4x12x40mm scope, sling swivels and sling. The 22/45 has a PacLite upper from Tactical Solutions and Bushnell 2x scope. The scope on the 22/45 is for ammo testing, once I decide on an ammo brand the scope will come off and a dot sight will go on using QD rings.

    For 10/22 upgrades.. I intend to add a Volquartsen hammer and sear from Rimfire Sports & Custom. Been considering a Butler Creek foling stock or a ATI Fiberforce stock but right now I am just thinking about keeping to factory wood stock.


    Current pic of 10/22 after adding sling
  4. 1inthechamber

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    I don't have any pics yet, but I've turned my 10/22 into a "tactical plinker".

    I've put in an extended mag release, WeaponKraft bolt buffer, muzzlebrake and a ventilated handguard. I also have a CenterPoint 3-9x32 scope on it.

    Oh, and I have a bipod coming soon. :)
  5. Uraijit

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    Where'd you get the drum Rob? I have a little stainless 10/22 that I've had since I was 14. It's got about 60,000 rounds through it, and still has the original springs. Shoots like the day I got it.

    I've got a scope, a couple of "banana mags", and a mag loader. I also have a little thing called a "BMF activator". It's thing that you attach to the trigger guard, and it hits the trigger 4 times per crank. Kinda fun for burning up ammo in a hurry, but it's not practical for much.
  6. jason865

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    I know I am not rob, but that is a promag 50 round drum. You can get them at cheaper than dirt.

    Mine is still completely stock, with normal sights.

  7. unclerob

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    Yep, ProMag it is!
    I got it last year at the SAR show for $49. Not the greatest thing, by any means. It is a pain to load and not real reliable. I only have about 500 rounds through it, so I do not know if it is just getting broken in or just wearing out.
    I now use only Butler Creek Steel lips. I have tried Eagle and Ramline. They didn't last for me.
    I just got the steel lips loader for the steel lip mags. Way cool!!
    Got the stock At the SAR Show too. It is made by Christie & Christie.
    They are usually sold as a solid color, but I had the owner mix up a slate and a black for me. It was about $150

    Another cool setup if you have 2 10/22's to play with.
    You can get the kit at Cabela's, $399, 10/22's not included.
  8. unclerob

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    Saw this at the SAR show last year too. About $1000.00, without the 10/22.
    Read about the ATF involvement since.
  9. neothespian

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    Dude.... drum mags WITH bipods??? Yet ANOTHER cool option I haven't thought of.

    This is not good guys! I'm trying to save up for another 995 now that I got a day job and this is just way too tempting. Geez!
  10. neothespian

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    Ok....didn't see this one. bullpup conversion OFF the wish list.

    I. WANT. NOW.
  11. steyraug223

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    is the high cap drum reliable at all? my bulter creek high caps are pieces of crap, and i'm looking to replace them. Also when it comes to customization i want a tac rail with a 20 gauge shotgun underslung on it. It'd be great for small game :lol: I'm sure i could do it, but i'm not sure it would be legal...
  12. unclerob

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    Not really, on the drum.
    I use Butler Creek and they work great! Steel lips only.
    Are your Butler Creeks Steel or "HotLips"?
  13. steyraug223

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  14. Uraijit

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    Back before the Brady Bill, my dad went nuts and bought every banana mag he could get his hands on for his 10/22. The majority of them were steel lips. By the time I got around to getting my 10/22 the Brady Bill was in full effect, and steel lipped mags had gone up to $50. I bought a Butler Creek Hot Lips mag, and it has functioned just fine for as long as I've had the gun. A good deal of the rounds I fired through my 10/22 were through those borrowed steel lipped mags (I can't remember the brand, but they were 30 rounders, and weren't Butler Creek).

    Anyway, that first mag I bought still feeds like the day it was new. Probably just getting broken in. But I just bought another one about 6 months ago, and it's not a total piece of crap, but it's no gem either. Sometimes it will feed a round, and not push the remaining rounds up unless you jiggle it... Maybe their quality has gone down in the last 10 years?

    Anyway, I knew it was a Pro Mags drum, I was asking where you got it. I've seen them around, but they were usually around $100. I haven't looked for a while though...

    Ooh, and I've wanted a bullpup stock for a while now too. Just not high on the priority list. Anybody own one who can speak for the quality of it?
  15. MSCHU24

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    Green Mountain 18" bull barrell
    Boyds Blaster thumbhole stock
    Weaponkraft bolt buffer
    Bushnell 4-12x40 scope
    Stoned the hammer and added a bobby pin to drop trigger pull to just over a pound and 100% reliable and safe.
    JB Weld to get rid of creep.
    Still have a couple more mods I am going to do when I get time.
  16. Thayldt21

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  17. unclerob

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    +1 on the photos.
    Sounds like a real Sweetie!
  18. I love my 22s, especially the 10/22s.

    Nothing too special as far as parts and work.

    The top one I built because my daughter kept taking the other one, factory barrel shortened past a bulge under the front sight, recrowned and beaded matte with a Hogue rubber stock.

    The bottom one was a Green mountain barrel, and Power custom hammer. Factory laminate stock channeled for the bull barrel.

    Have shot a lot of prairie dogs with the bottom one.


    This one is a sweet shooting bolt. A Charles Daly superior II , now sold under Remington as the model 5.

  19. Uraijit

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    My 10/22 is the same one as the second one you have pictured. Just doesn't have the bull barrel. Even with all the rounds that I've put through it, it still shoots about as well as I do. I've considered a bull barrel, but this thing works fine as is.

    I do love the stainless steel on a green laminate stock though. It's sexy!