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the old thread was lost somewhere so by request im rebulding it.

this was a conversion of a stock ruger 10/22 with a cherokee stocks MG-10/42 stock kit, BMF trigger crank, and NcStar bipod.

the kit came in two major pieces and a bag of small parts

the rifle was removed from the stock and the sights removed. the barreled action is inserted in the rear half of the stock and retained with a threaded pin that goes through the rear action pin hole.

the sights are bolted onto the front half of the stock arsey and it is installed onto the rifle.

The mag realese is held in place with a pin and two belville washers.

The BMF trigger crank takes a littel tuning and is held in place with two set screws. its finicky, but once you get it set right it works like a champ.

The bipod is attached to rail held in place with two bolts.

and thats all it takes. ram in a mag and enjoy.


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Said it before, will say it again: THIS thing is cool :cool2:

We just need vids of you firing it!!

I'm still waiting for the spare cash to do my bullpup 10/22. I just don't know what the maximum magazine size I can slap in one of those is.
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