Ruger 22/45

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  1. Great gun! Got it for $265, and got to shoot it for the first time today (I'm selling off excess firearms, but this, my 4095, and my G27 I'm keeping).

    550 rounds, and only a few FTF/FTE/stovepipes. Here's pics of around 100 shots I pounded downrange; I fired almost as quick as I could pull the trigger. Distance was 7 yards.


  2. I qualified for my concealed carry license with a 22/45. I had never shot one before. The day I qualified I had the flu and was in extreme pain from an auto accident injury. I still managed to shoot 10 rounds in a 2" group at 15 feet. I think the instructor said he paid 219.00 each for them, they were the basic model without the bull barrel and had decent sights on them. He then piqued my interest in qualifying for NRA ratings in the handgun dicipline, I think for that I will choose a Ruger Mark II with the bull barrel and a good set of sights. If nothing else it will be a fun piece to practice with.