Ruger has decided to copy Kel-Tec

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  1. Hmmm interesting. I just wish I could find a P3AT

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    Well, I love my Ruger P94. I'll probably get one.

  3. Bill Ruger be dammned, I would take Ruger over Kel-Tec any day of the week---

    Sorry KT-- Ruger is just better---

    No snobbery, just a fact... :D
  4. I am sure that Ruger changed enough of the design as to avoid any court actions. One thing that Ruger has done to the little gun is put an 8#, .5", trigger pull in it, which is much better than the current KelTec P3AT's trigger.
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    This is the dog's bollocks, the trigger is the only thing i hated about the keltec... I pulled the trigger 1 time, and i was done.

    (after my CWP class i had to see what the .380 was like in the KelTeck P3AT... wish i hadn't have wasted that .380 round like that)
  6. I'm intrigued. I like Ruger products (his politics set aside) and might consider one of those.
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    It seems everyone wants a target trigger on a bellygun,,hmmmm. The kel-tec P-3at was designed to be about as small and concealable as absolutely possible, not to be taken to the range and targeted beyond functionality. In a situation where the P-3at would need to be used, the trigger pull will probably seem like 2 ounces, and 'finger strain' will be the last thing thought about before,during, or after the encounter. Will the ruger have a better trigger, absolutely. Just as the sky 9mm has a better trigger than the kel-tec p-11. The end result was a bigger gun (wider, heavier), same as the ruger will be bigger than the P-3at. Come on now, trigger pull? on a belly gun!
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    you say belly gun... that's mafia talk my friend. I was taught in CWP class that if you can take down the threat at 15 yards, do it. Don't let them close the gap, especially in a true self-defense situation. I'd like a firearm that i can whip out quickly, get my sight picture and pop 3 off as quick as i can... i don't care for the keltec in that aspect. So, trigger pull on a belly gun? Yes, Sir.
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    Mafia talk? well I guess just about every gun mag must be the mafia then, cause thats where I learned the term. And if you shoot someone at 15 yrds, you better hope they were shooting at you or I hope you can afford a real good lawyer. Not to go against your CWP Training, but most likely if you ever need to use deadly force you will be ALOT closer than 15 yards, more than likely allready knocked on your butt by an ambush/sudden attack, and then sights dont even come into it.
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    Again, if a BG is coming through the threshold of your master bedroom door, and you have your family behind you, you're backed up the farthest distance from the door, and that BG comes in there, best believe he will not close the distance before he is dropped. Distance is the key to keep your safety, especially if there's no escape. sure most encounters happen 8' and less, however i prefer a pistol that i can aim if need be, VS a "belly gun"... I'd rather be able to aim and shoot a pistol, but i can always shove a aimable pistol in the bg's ribs and pull the trigger too. with a belly gun, distance is not an option, and i like my options.

    Did you see the pics of the police officer sliced up like a Christmas ham?
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    If a BG is coming thru MY masterbedroom door, he sure won't hear a handgun barking. Now my mossberg (cylinder bore) loaded with a duplex load of o buck and BB will again render sights kinda moot. Most BG are cowards and attack from behind/blind side, and they will take you off gaurd and put you down as fast and effectively as possible.

    A 'bellygun' or pocket pistol is not for when you think you should carry. It is for when you normally would not carry or as a backup. Like I said the ruger trigger will more than likely be better, but it will be bigger and harder to conceal than the P-3at and cost about $70 more (Paid $235 OTD for my wifes NIB P-3at a month ago).
  12. Is Ruger "better" than Kel-Tec?

    Well, as my old granny used to say: "better is as better does." The jury is still out on if the Ruger pistol will be better than the Kel-Tec. No doubt it is prettier! But it's not on the market yet, and it may be a dud with tons of problems. My p3at has been completely reliable for the past 2.5 years, and I don't know how you can get any better. I LIKE Ruger pistols. I used to own a KP95DC, and it was great gun. However, I think most people agree Ruger's 345 was a dud. Anyone can have a dud model. So, let's just wait and see about this LCP (Little Copy Pistol).
  13. Looks much more refined then any Kel tec. However, I'll stick with my P11 that I trust. Also, all newer P11's have a 8.5lb trigger pull from the factory (serial numbers above 25,000). Or if your serial number is alphanumeric you deff. have the 8.5 spring, and not the 10lb. I guess this info is useless since were talking about .380, but oh well :)
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    Re: Is Ruger "better" than Kel-Tec?

    "However, I think most people agree Ruger's 345 was a dud. "

    Well, in terms of popularity I would agree with that - but I still love my P345! Reliable as heck and fun to shoot.
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    I apologize if this sounds dumb.., but I will say that yes it's a very nice looking compact .380 and clearly favors the Kel-Tec.., but I wonder how much stress the bore can take. Anyone else think it looks a little thin based on the pics???? I know this isn't a target pistol, but I wonder how many rounds it can take before clear signs of stress are present.

  16. All we know now about the Ruger LCP is that it is purty and slick lookin. Nobody knows yet if it is reliable and rugged. It took Kel-Tec awhile to work out all the bugs. I'm guessin' it will take Ruger awhile to work out the LCP bugs, too.
  17. That gun really got alot of critical reviews at the Shot Show, and the Kel Tec guys were looking down their noses at it. It's pretty stupid that Ruger would do that, it's almost an exact copy of the P3AT, and of course it's priced as a Ruger.
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    I take it by the above talk that you guys aren't aware that KelTec is manufacturing this gun for Ruger. A few tweeks have been made but it is the same exact gun and fits into the holsters made for the P3AT. Check out the KelTec forums for more in-depth discussions, or Glocktalk. I would expect the same quality since it is made by the same people, the question is: Will you have to send it to Ruger or to Keltec for warranty repairs? If you send it to Ruger, will they ship it to KelTec after for the work? The plot thickens.
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    I used to own a Kel-Tec P3AT, but sold it to a friend. Sold it for too good of a price. Anyway I had an Armalaser on it, one 6rd mag, and two 7rd mags.