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    I got a Ruger LC9S Pro a couple of weeks ago. Took it out and had problems with the slide locking back when it still had rounds in the magazine. Caled Ruger last Wednesday. They e-mailed a shipping label and I sent it out last Thursday. Got it back yesterday. I took it out today and fired 200 rounds. I had 4 failure to eject/shells stuck in the ejector port. All 4 of those happened with a brand new 9 cartridge capacity magazine, none with the 7.

    The thing shoots very nicely. The trigger is great. I like the reset and get right to the break point easily. The barrel is a tad short for my glasses. The front sight is a little blurry, but I do need new glasses. I can still shoot it pretty well and am very confident in my ability to hit center of mass, 3" group at 25' near rapid fire.

    The customer service was awesome. They replaced the lock back spring and fired it 38 times to test it.

    I am a little concerned with the shells sticking in the ejection port. I am not sure why it happened with one magazine and not the other. 2% of the time today, it failed. I don't like that, and will put a couple hundred more thriugh it this weekend.

    The size is perfect for me to CC with a Tshirt. It is big enough to handle fairly well. I did put the Talon Grip on it, and may try a Hogue for a thicker grip.

    With the exception of the immediate need to be repaired and the 4 issues today, I REALLY like the pistol. I hope the ejection problems clear up, or can be repaired, so I can keep it. If it continues to have consistant problems, I won't. Gonna give it some time, because I really like it.

    Paid $365 OTD. Magazines were another $30 each-it only comes with one. 7 round magazine stock and 9 round Ruger magazines available.
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    Hope you get it sorted out, could just be a break-in symptom...

    I sold my (old version) LC9, poor trigger. That is the main change
    Ruger did on the newer version.

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    Pull the 9 round magazine apart and stretch the spring just a little. The spring pressure from the mag is part of the ejection system. This is the reason a semi auto pistol almost always stove pipes if you shoot it without a magazine.
    I now have about 175 rounds through my new LC9s and it has been flawless, but I don't have a 9 round magazine. I just have two 7 rounders.
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    I have had zero issues in my LC9 with the 7 rd mags.
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    here is hickok45 having a stovepipe with a lc9s pro with the magazine out. (around the 7:00 mark)
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