Ruger LCP again.

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  1. If the LCP turns out to be a quality, reliable firearm I could see it being one of the best sellers of all time. May even out sell the 10/22 someday. It might be the IPod/IPhone of the handgun world.

    Stoled this link from Msgttbar.
  2. duker_sponk

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    Thats a neat little pistol. I might consider something of the like when I get my CWP in a few months. That's a good price too.

  3. There goes the government check! LOL
  4. freedom

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    It might be a good little gun but I don't see it out selling the 10/22.
    The 10/22 has to many years on it.
  5. Sweet little gun. For the price I can't see not buying one. I only wish it was available in 9mm versus the 380. Also would be nice to see a .22 caliber as well but without the trigger weight, something along the lines of a Tomcat.
  6. +1
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    Nice looking gun, but the 10/22 has been around since the 60's and has a cult-like following...there arent many things that will outsell the 10/22.
  8. Agreed. I'm not even sure the penny Tootsie Rolls have outsold 10/22's, lol.
  9. I stopped by my local GS and put a deposit on one of the 12 he has ordered.

    $279.00 + tax for a $298.00 total.

    Not too bad for a gun with a MSRP of $330.00

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    .380 is the smallest caliber you should ever carry.
  11. Well, I agree in principle. But I dare to bet a Saturday Night Special has killed many a fellow. Seems they are widely available in a .22 caliber. Still, hard to dispute bigger is better.