Ruger LCP anyone?

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  1. While picking up my 995 this week. The LGS owner started talking to my wife. and showing her a Ruger LCP muddy girl.

    My wife is a sucker for pink/purple camo things.

    He says OTD taxes, FFL ETC. and a box of ammo, for $281. Not a bad price IMO. I imagine it has been hanging around a little longer than he is used to.
    He said he will hold it for us until April 10th (next non mortgage pay check ;))

    I'm not opposed to her getting her own CC gun at all. (why would I be?)

    I own a bodyguard so i know all about the recoil of these tiny .380's she has shot mine, and will shoot it again before we go.

    The trigger actually felt a lot better than my BG. smooth and short.

    But has anyone had some real hands on shooting or ownership experience?

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  2. papataylor

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    I'm not too big of a fan. But I detest striker triggers. Especially the pocket .380 triggers.

    They're incredibly popular and seem to be dependable. They are hard to hold on to however.

  3. This i am afraid of, for her. I have a feeling listed on armslist it would probably turn around quick with minimal money lost.

    She was happy with my BG though after i told her it wasn't close to hitting her for head. :D
  4. Atomic_Ed

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    My SO is very petite with small hands. As part of getting her CCW, I promised her a carry pistol of her choice. We tried 22s, a 38 special, 9mms and some 380s.

    In particular, I thought she would like the Taurus TCP, nope. Turns out the TCP grip was too big for her!

    Then she tried out the Ruger LCP and that was her final choice. The small differences in the grips between the TCP and the LCP were enough of a difference for her to go with the LCP. (We tried a slip-on rubber grip and she didn’t like it, made the grip too fat!)

    After a new trigger and a slightly stronger recoil spring, she is a happy camper and on her way to being quite skilled with the LCP.
  5. I recently bought one. Went to the range and only shot 15 rounds. It beat the hell out of the webbing btwn my thumb and trigger finger. I went on and got advice to put a Hogue grip on it. I also bought Pearce mag extension on it. The grip is suppose to soften the recoil. Tomorrow I hope to make it to the range and see if it makes a diff. Supposedly the Ruger LC9 even with the larger caliber is softer shooting.
  6. Django

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    I had an LCP briefly but didn't care for it. Snappy little thing. I couldn't stay on target with rapid fire. Some people love them. I recommend shooting one before buying if possible.
  7. LCP is hammer fired.

    The new LCPs are excellent, better sights and a MUCH better trigger, I have an older one, the AZ Centennial model, I love it, but wish it had the new upgrades.
  8. greg_r

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    My brother and my dad own one. Dad has quit carrying his. My brother still carries his but only because he already owned it. We all agree that it is not fun at all to shoot. They sting is the best way I can describe the recoil. The LC380 has a much softer recoil, and is not too much larger.
  9. papataylor

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    That's right, they are dao. Still an atrocious trigger.

    Of course for a belly gun trigger pull isn't much of an issue, unless you're wanting a range toy as well.
  10. As other said it is snappy but manageable.The newer ones have better triggers than the older models.The trigger pull is similar to a DA revolver for safety reason since it has no manual safety.It is a great pocket gun with the rigth pocket holster
  11. monsterdawg

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    I've had one for about a year and a half. I do not like shooting it, but it is so easy to carry. If you can carry something bigger easily, go that route. If you want a tiny pistol that you can carry a dozen different ways, get the LCP.
  12. wingman

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    +1 to monsterdawgs reply.
  13. mn_doggie

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    I've had an LCP (early model with long trigger and no sights) for almost 5 years. I've fired 1200 rounds thru it., It has been carried a lot (virtually everyday 'cept in the winter) for that entire time.

    When I first got it, I used to wear a padded bicycle glove to get my had used to the sharp, snappy recoil. At 9 oz, it is just plain nasty. I'm used to the recoil now so I can live with it. It is so easy to conceal when other guns just can't be carried without printing.

    I've had no problems with it, it eats anything. I have a ankle holster and a DeSantis pocket holster.

    If I had shot it before I bought it I probably wouldn't have purchased it at the time. Now after having shot it so much, it's ease to conceal keeps it in my pistol inventory.

    I'm guessing the recoil is greater than the BG. I did put a hogue grip on mine.

    I a month or so ago I picked up the new rRuger LC9s and have been carrying that quite often. It isn't as small as the LCP but even though it is a 9mm, it is easier to control than the LCP.
  14. lsi1

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    there's one in my pocket as i write this it works. its shot a couple hundred rounds of mixed ammo. 380 is hard to come by in my area or has been for the last year and a half i've owned the pistol. never had any trouble with mine. other people have had trouble with mine I got it in trade because the last owner had ftf issues which i can't replicate. it came with a laser guard already on it i've left it on there because its done 2 things for the gun. it helps overcome the terrible sights at anything over just a few yards. it also adds some muzzle weight however slight it probably helps on recoil.

    I am not particularly bothered by the recoil of the gun and i don't find the trigger to be that bad either. I would like to note that the tcp that my wife has is slightly larger easier to hold and has a marginally better trigger.

    the unannounced updates started showing up in pistols made mid 2013 or later. mine is an older model.
  15. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I have the P3AT that the LCP is based on, it's not too bad to shoot, and I can do a mag dump into a 6 inch target at 3 yards without any trouble.

    I actually like it more than the PF9.;)
  16. Atomic_Ed

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    Agreed. The PF9 is a nasty little bugger to shoot. I prefer to carry the TCP over the PF9 for my EDC. But if I'm going into a questionable area, or have a suit on, I will take the PF9. The PF9 is almost as easy to carry as the TCP, but I'm a thin guy and can't pocket carry it.
  17. bscar

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    I thought the LC9 I rented awhile back was kinda snappy, compared to my XDs 9mm. Don't remember much about the shield, though, but the XDs 9mm just seems to be the right one for me.
  18. XDs. 45 is a monster, not hard to hold on to but you can feel it reverberate all the way up your arm.
    Love this little pocket cannon though.
  19. I made it to the range today specifically to shoot my LCP with the addition of the Hogue grip and Pearce mag extensions. Big, big difference. Softer feel. It's not a range gun but at least I don;t hesitate to carry it and shoot it.
  20. do you mind linking the extension and grip?

    does it let you get 3 full fingers on the grip?

    I noticed it was almost only two.