Ruger LCP for Ruger LC9 ?

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  1. I own a Ruger LCP with a red "sweet pea" trigger, and a Crimson Trace Laser (base model with red buttons), and an extra 7-round magazine.
    I'd like to sell/trade it towards a new Ruger LC9.
    Carters Country here in Houston has a the Ruger LCP on sale for $369.99.
    What do you think I'll get for my LCP?
  2. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    I picked up my LC9 used with original box extra mag paperwork and iwb holster fir $250. There are lots of used LC9's, not the S version, out there for a fair price. Bunch of wimps don't like DA triggers.

  3. lsi1

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    i traded a guy a bone stock lc9 for an lcp with a bunch of extras along with the crimson trace laser. I'd try advertising it as a trade first.
  4. I have felt up many of the traded in old LC9 at the LGS, and I can't see the problem with the trigger. Two things have stopped me from buying, the clerk will not deal low enough, and I open carry. I really have no need for a pocket 9, and my wife is happy with her SMC380, which has a very stiff DA trigger.
  5. I am going to try with 2-3 different gun shops in my area and see what they come up with. Should be interesting.
  6. Dane

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    I have seen that model LCP sale lately for around $199. Also older LC9 with the viridian instant on green laser for under $300
  7. mn_doggie

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    Cabelas just had a nationwide sale on the LCP for $199. They have been sales for that price since Black Friday back in November.

    Are you looking at a new LC9 or LC9s. The LC9 has been discontinued on the Ruger website.
  8. undeRGRound

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    Not Enough. Most places screw you on trades...
    That being said, FIRST and Foremost,
    TRY that LC9, it's not just a DAO Trigger, it is a very long DAO trigger.
    It was just so much different than all my other handguns, I hated it.
    It is HUGE, also, definitely at the Upper End of the "pocket guns"

    If you like the trigger, (and it is really a good idea for an SD gun, (DAO))
    and you LIKE THE SIZE!!! - and capacity, etc...
    then I'd start going on a lay-A-way. You have a nice LCP and should
    keep it, nothing like the regret of a long-lost gun that you should
    have KEPT!!!


    I'd personally get the Kel-Tec... Same Gun, less dinero and the Ruger
    is the copy, KT is original :rofl: But I prefer the P11 KT, in a double stack ;)
  9. Underground,
    Wow, I didn't realize the LC9 was that much larger than the LCP.
    Man. You're making me reconsider. I guess at times, I wish I had 9mm in my pocket, but one thing I love about the LCP is how easy it is to take with me everywhere... I added the CT laser. Paid a gunsmith to install the red alloy trigger. And I bought the $40.00 7-round magazine. So I think I would lose my azz, if I do this.
    And I worry, if I had the LC9 or LC9s, would I "leave at home" more often, because it's more difficult to lug around all day, like my LCP?
  10. FirearmFanatic

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    Have you ever considered the SCCY CPX line of pistols? I and my wife have one and really like them. Check them out here:
    We have the CPX2, 10rd mags, double action, and lifetime warranty.
  11. Thanks. I'll check those out. Hey, they're from the USA also. Cool.
  12. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    Plus, we have a sponsor here, GOES BANG and he has
    high cap mags for the SCCY and the P11 :D
  13. planosteve

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    Remember, Mole is a wimp and can't handle a DA trigger. Mine had a trigger job, it is long but smooth and consistant. I have a good holster for mine and I don't even know it is there most of the time.
  14. FirearmFanatic

    FirearmFanatic "The Enabler!"

    Wow, I didnt know there were any high cap mags for the SCCY. I am going to have to check that out. Thanks MOLE! :D
  15. MachoMelvin

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    I have both the SCCY & the LCP. I carry them both, depending on the threat level?

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  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yes, you would lose a whole lotta value in the deal.:(

    And yes, I have the P3AT, the PF9, and the P11...the P3AT is the everyday gun, the others just aren't.

    It's probably just me, but the P3AT goes in a pocket, while the others won't, they need a holster. But, if I MUST use an IWB holster, I want more gun, and so they get left behind and I step up to the subcompact .40's or the CZ-82 with 12+1 rounds, a safety, SA/DA trigger, and all steel reliability.

    The ONE thing the PF9 does for me is give me an ankle or coat pocket carry BUG that is "more" than a .380.
  17. I scored an LC9 for $200. Took it to the range and hated, and I mean HATED the trigger. Sold it within 24 hours, couldn't get rid of it fast enough.

    I own a Kel-Tec P3AT -same size as your LCP- and I can carry it anywhere.
  18. Thanks for the perspective...
  19. Man, I appreciate the news.
    You guys are making me fall in love with my Ruger LCP again, and "stay put", likely. I would miss how easy it is to always be with me.
  20. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    Thanks for the back-up, Adam-0! :D