Ruger LCP Review (Began shipping TODAY! 02.29.08)

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  1. Im interested to see what you think of it. The only thing I can see about it thats better than a P3AT is it has a slide lock. But from the article in your link it still doesn't lock back on the last round. And probably better fit and finish ( from the pics anyway ) But the KelTec is lighter by a couple ounces.

  2. I would think the extra few ounces would help counter-act recoil a little bit, thus making that a good thing actually. But that's just my guess :)
  3. I saw this weapon about a month ago and have been asking at my range about it every week since.

    $300 for a 380, 7 shot that fits in my pocket from Ruger. Load HPs and this is a sweet summer time CC.

    This video helped me to decide also.............

    Im a sucker for good marketing :oops:
  4. this makes...3 (?) threads now about it?

  5. Kool Beans