Ruger Mini 14

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  1. Lets see some pics of your mini 14's
    my second mini 14
  2. duker_sponk

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    I wish I had one to post pictures of. :(

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    I remember those they used in the "A Team"
  4. Maverick

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    I really like the looks of the 2nd one... sexy... :D
  5. Ari

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    Nice looking
  6. Uraijit

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    I'd like to play with a Mini-14. My dad had one when I was a kid, and it was a jam-o-matic. He ended up trading it for some 7.62x39 ammo. I never got to shoot it...
  7. Wierd I cant remember mine ever jaming up on me I find it to be a great rifle but maby thats just me ? who knows. Im a stickler about keeping my guns clean i clean them every night after I have been out shooting its what my daddy tought me and he has a collection that makes mine look like childs play.
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    Don't have one myself... But Gander Mountain in Forest Lake, MN got a shipment of surplus Mini-30s not too long ago. They are old police rifles (Indiana State Patrol I think from the tags), flash hiders, recoil pads, M-16 style sights, etc on fixed wood stocks for $729. They had one SWEET folding stock, which of course is $999. I want one so bad, but I won't buy Ruger (10-rnd mag BS).
  9. Uraijit

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    I wasn't saying they were all like that. Like I said, my dad's was that way, but I never got to shoot it. I've heard a lot of good things from other people, and I really love my Ruger 10/22. I'm guessing he just got a bad apple...
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  11. I had problems with mine feeding from aftermarket hicap mags. But I have had alot of luck with the promag 20rnd poly ones (yeah I was suprised too) since then mine has been a real work horse. Ill get some pics posted as soon as my camera comes back from my sisters vaction
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    Just curious, what are you aiming at?
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    Now there is an old post.
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    I've never had a 30 rounder be fully functional. I stick with 20's, too.
  15. now i know what to tell my wife i want for christmas.
  16. Here's a shot of my Mini Ranch...

    I've got some 20's, 30's anf 40's, and of all of them, only 1 of the 40's tends to mis-feed. The rest are perfect after some lip adjustments.
  17. Wow nice furniture!!!
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    the only 30 rounders i ever had work well were eagle poly mags. they fed and functioned 100% after 1 or 2 break in fills. other than that most everything was junk.

  19. Thanks, autosurgeon. Thats the way I found it in a pawnshop. The stock was what made the sale.

    SW, my 3 30's are Madsen's If I remember correctly. All steel. Did take some lip tweaks to get'm right. Wish it would take my AR mags, that would be sweet.