Ruger MKIII .22 ????

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  1. squeak_D

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    What do you guys/gals think of these .22's ? I often find myself eyeballing these pistols when I'm checking listings on, and my curiousity has greatly increased with them.

    Anyone own one of these? Several things catch my attention with these pistols.

    1: It's a Ruger (they make great pistols)
    2: The design is nice, and looks comfortable to shoot
    3: It's .22 LR :) Damn cheap to shoot!
    4: Prices I've seen are VERY reasonable

    Are they easy to maintain? I'm very tempted to buy one of these pistols. I'll be going to my dealer tomorrow to see what kind of deal he will give me on one. Here's a link to the model I want to buy.
  2. 3daughters

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    I have one. It is accurate, easy and fun to shoot. Tough to tear down and clean when needed though.

  3. I love mine but mine in particular is picky, it will only feed round nose ammo, no hollow points for mine. The feed ramp is just a hair too high which causes the flat part of the hollow point to jam onto it instead of sliding up the ramp.

    With that said, I still love mine when I feed it round nose, no problems then.
  4. one of my buddy have one. he love it says it accurate, reliable and lest forever. he have it for over 8 years.

    i like it a lot since i'm in love with the look, same as walther p38. something about the look i can't get it out of my head. for now i can afford a .22 cost that much but i'm keeping an eye out for the p38 9mm.
  5. i didn't even know there is hollow point for 22.
  6. squeak_D

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    Yeah, there's a HP in .22 :) My $12/ 550 round value pack from Wal-Mart are Ferderal 36gr, copper plated, hollow points.

  7. Langford

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    I have a Mark III hunter, and I absolutely love it. I always shoot CCI mini-mags and have never had a fail to fire, fail to eject, or any problems at all. The first full strip down for cleaning can be a challenge, but after you do it a few times, it is no big deal at all. I looked at the markIII's and the browning buckmarks, and the markIII seemed like a much better gun in my opinion.

    Which model are you looking at? the 22/45 mark III or just the regular mark III, barrel, finish, etc?
  8. squeak_D

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  9. what? i'm getting my girlfriend a .22.
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    Yeah, the HP's are nice, but I have heard stories of HP's not feeding well in some semi-autos. I hear some .22's are ammo picky when it comes to the .22 HP's too. Out of 550 round box of Federal .22LR HP's there were only 2 problem rounds. One did not fire at all, and another did fire, but it sounded like the round was short a little powder. It fired fine, but sounded funny :) Anywho 2 rounds out of 550 on bulk ammo ain't too bad.

  11. Langford

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    That is a good looking little gun, I want to add one of those to the gun safe one day.

    I went all out on my first one, I fell in love the first time I saw one:

  12. anyone know in california can we have .22 that holds more than 10rd?
  13. Langford

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    From what I have read on rimfirecentral, 10 is the limit in Kali.
  14. I have a Ruger 22/45 (MkII series) and installed a Tactical Solutions PacLite upper receiver on it. This gun is super light now and makes an awesone hiking and woods walking gun, wish I could have gotten the OD green or flat black barrel but at the time it was a 6 month backorder on PacLites. Here's a pic of what my 22/45 looks like now.

    22/45 with PacLite upper
  15. 45Man

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    That's what I use, price has risen 50% in less that 1 year.

    Ruger MkII Government Model
  16. JoeDoe22

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    I have one that I wouldnt trade for anything.


    I can go out and shoot til it hurts and it wouldnt cost more than $40
  17. neothespian

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    I've always like the look of the Ruger. Has that Man from U.N.C.L.E/retro spy vibe, even with it being a small caliber it's STILL one of the true "Bad Guy" guns.
  18. I have a 1969 Ruger Mark and wouldn't trade it for a Sherman Tank! (Ok, maybe!) But it eats anything I feed it and hits exactly where I'm aiming every single time. It's so accurate sometimes it hits in places I didn't know I was aiming! :lol:
  19. Strangerous

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    uh oh! RFH showed us his mall ninja side... "Tacticool Solutions". :lol: