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  1. For sale a Ruger Rapid Deploy Rear Sight. The Ruger model number for this item is 90415. The rear sight may be collapsed and deployed rapidly with a push of a button. It is spring loaded. You can adjust the windage on the sight but not elevation.

    If you replace your Hi-Point carbine rear sight with this you are going to need an elevated front sight post as the elevation on a stock Hi-Point carbine front sight will not go high enough.

    I really liked the sight but am selling it to finance a future purchase. Asking only $17 for the sight and an additional $1 to help cover the shipping costs. I may also consider best offers.

    I will not ship this item to Alaska or Hawaii. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please see the below link to see pictures of the merchandise.

    Three pictures are below of the item for sale:
  2. Item is still available. I am lowering the price to $14 free shipping.

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    PM inbound about sight
  4. Item is sold. Please delete this thread.
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