Ruger SR-9 / Opinions?

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  1. I've been thinking about a new handgun as soon as the tax return comes in a few months. What do you folks think about a Ruger SR9?
    I've been reading about them as much as I can and them seem like they are decent, but I wondered if any of you had firsthand experience with them.
  2. Been eyeballing one myself...I love my P95DC....

  3. no experience... i did watch all the vids on DRTV, very nice presentation and it's sweet looking gun. $400 or about on Buds too!
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    I'd say get a P95, just more eye candy for me than the SR9 is. Plus the P95 has so many options. KP95DC, P95, or the P95 DAO :p
  5. The SR9 is definitely a very nice looking pistol and the price does not put a big pinch in the wallet. I would wait a few months and see what kinda track record the pistol earns itself before tossing out my money on it. The Ruger P series pistols have a well proven track record, like most everything else Ruger puts its name on, so hopefully the wait wont be too long.

  6. I actually already own a P95DC and I really like it. I carry it daily.
    I've also considered a P89 but I'm not sure.
    I think maybe I had better wait until I can see some real in-the-field feedback on the performance of the SR-9 before I go dropping my cash for it.
    As for my P95DC, it's the older model without the rail on the bottom.
    Any other changes to the design other than that?