Rural King still staffing fools

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    I had a bit of time after taking the kids out to pizza tonight so we decided to walk down the sidewalk 100 feet to Rural King. Really only went there to check out the gun counter and look for 22 ammunition. Naturally they had no 22, that was to be expected. As we are looking around my young daughter spies the sig 380 with the rainbow titanium finish. She tells me how pretty it is and I agree. Then I tell her that it is a titanium finish which is a extra fantastic finish because it resists corrosion and is very hard so it will not scratch very easily. At that point the doofus behind the counter has to pop up his head, leaving aside the couple that he was supposedly helping look at a firearm, and opining that titanium is a "heavier" metal than steel. I am not in the mood for it however, so I look at him and say you do not speak of metals as one being heavier than another because weight is weight. You talk about metals in terms of which one is denser than another. And despite the fact that titanium is much harder than steel on the Rockwell scale, Steel is more dense than titanium. Therefore, titanium will be "lighter" for the same volume than steel.

    At that point, he shut his pie hole and return to nominally helping the couple that he was supposed to be helping in the first place instead of offering unsolicited and flat out wrong opinions to people who knew more than he does. I guess it just kind of frustrates me that you put someone behind the counter and tell them sell guns to people and suddenly they think they are the end all and be all. :p


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    You've officially completed your full membership into the crotchety ol bastard club!..... Welcome Brother Kirk!

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    Tune in next week, same time, same channel, for the
    next episode of KIRKIFIED IRL! (in real life) :D
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    So when does the Kirks a Dick show air on PBS?:rofl:
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    When I interviewed to work for Academy Sports and Outdoors store in the middle of the 2000's, it was to work in the Camping department.

    I had applied for the Sporting Goods section but, wasn't selected because I didn't have enough experience with firearms ( o_O ).

    I had answered all of the questions on the application form and included my resume. They ignored the resume.

    I still managed to impress them enough to earn near maximum pay raises with six months of employment with them - hired at $9.00/hour and $0.80 raises.

    I still had hopes of transferring to Sporting Goods in a year or so...

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    Looks like it's Fridays, 11:30 to Midnight :D
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    I see stupid people :foilhat:
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    You haven't dealt with gun counter morons until you have the dude at Walmart tell you that .223 will work fine in a 22lr because both bullets are 22 caliber. Yes I had this happen...

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    It's the nitrate loaded water in southern MN.....
  13. Is that the one by Cici's on Old Troy Pike?
    Because last time I went there (had to be mid-2013 or so), they had some kid there who tried to talk up the merits of shooting a pistol sideways as opposed to the correct way. Like, "Did they run a background check on YOU before they let you in here?"
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    The very same.

    <snork> Might have been the same kid. :)

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  15. Completely turned me off that place. Given, I lived in Riverside, so I didn't have too many reasons to go by Huber, but after that, plus a negative experience at the Wal-Mart in Beavercreek, I stuck to purely gun shops (or online) for any and all firearm/ammo needs. At times I'd browse other places, but dear Lord some of those people...grrr.
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    I have been asked to leave the counters at both a WalMart as well as an Academy. In both instances the employee was just saying whatever it took to make a sale.
    Also once heard that 45 long colt was the "cowboy" load for .45 ACP, hope that was a joke, but my son pulled me away before I could comment.
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    It is the $9/hr low information voter rejects Walmart hires... I have yet to see one behind the counter who knew anything about guns.