Russian man has testicles STOLEN after he's drugged by woman

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by lklawson, Feb 26, 2015.

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    I did not know that testicles are transplantable......
    Maybe his wife is behind it.

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    Chicks will do just about anything for a nice pair of earrings.
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    And I thought California had tough divorce laws !
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    It takes balls to pull something like that off......
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    I don't need mine anymore, I wonder how much I could get for them? I could buy guns and ammo.
  8. undeRGRound

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    2 rounds of 22LR, plus a bonus round for pain and suffering:wah:

  9. That's rather a eunuch story.

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    Language issue.

    Poor guy was bragging about wanting a vasectomy. Dumb Russian blonde confused the word for castration. The rest (including his nuts) was history.
    BTW, there was an old doctor in Arkansas who treated his patients for erectile dysfunction with goat testicle transplants. Now they never said if they were in addition to or in place of. Wonder how that worked out for them?
  11. When someone tells you to grow a set not to worry, you buy buy one now.
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    You know you'll be shooting blanks from then on....
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    NE Utah
    I'm thinking it's the wife...she set him up to see if he'd stay faithful, as soon as he started kissing on the chick at the bar, Operation Squirrel went into action.;)

    By the way...did anyone hear about the guy that was born with no eyelids?

    They used the foreskin after his circumcision to build new ones.

    It seems to be working out, but he's got a small problem.

    He's a little cockeyed.
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    I'm not sure they're loaded anyway. No kids showed up, thank God, I think.
  15. I hardly condone the removal of anybody's jewelry, but it's really kind of hard to feel real sorry for this guy. Married and playing tonsil hockey with a perfect stranger. That desire will go away pretty soon, I suppose.

  16. I wonder if this fulfilled an order request from Chastity Bono? Didn't she have an addadicktome operation?
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    No, she could have gotten them voluntarily from Bruce Jenner......
    None of the Kardashians are his anyway....
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    You owe me a new keyboard. There's soda all over this one now.
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    If you ever meet that guy don't mention anything about what happened... he's testy on the subject.