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    Guys I don’t know what to do. I want to re-blue my Makarov this month but I cant decide on a method. I have been looking at Oxpho cold blue, but recently I having been thinking about doing an old fashion rust blue. Has anyone of you ever attempted a rust blue? If so how did it turn out, and is it hard to do?
  2. I've never done a rust blue, but a budy of mine did remove it from my 995 receiver in order to powder coat it. I bet you never figure out with what household product he took it probably have some in your house right now.

    First one to get answer corrctly wins a price.... knowledge.

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  4. Nope, think more kitchen area.
  5. Nope, more towards the pantry.
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  7. Nope, here is a clue, you have to mix it with water.
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    flour? Hydrochloric acid?
  9. We have a winner!!! Drilln. Kool aid mixed into a paste will take off the blue. Sorry for hijaking this thread, but its pertinant information.

    Here is a pick of what the shield looked like after Kool-aid paste and a bit of scotch brite scrubbing (do not use steel wool, it will rust up bad as you try to take the blueing off).

  10. I was only kidding, intresting.............
  11. On a side note, red kool-aid was used. Dont know if some colors act better than others but its the citric acid thats does the stripping. Maybe next tiem we will try Country Time lemonade or lemon Koolaid.

  12. I have no idea how to do a rust blue. Only re-blue jobs I've ever done have been the Birchwood Casey jobs from Wal-Mart that I'll never use again.... Sorry I can't help my friend.
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    you have HCL in your kitchen? My garage yes but my kitchen..... :shock:
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    so thats just me then? no wonder I get odd looks..... :? And nice job on the cover.
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    Kool-Aid is also a great product to polish copper... if anyone has an old copper... anything laying around, give it a whirl.
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    Guys rust bluing is done by applying a an acid solution to the gun that accelerates the natural rusting processes and then letting the part to sit in a humidity box for a number of hours. After a film of red rust starts to form on the gun you boil the parts to convert the rust from red to black-oxide that is then polished to a glossy blue. The processes doesn’t look hard, but it is time consuming and if the rust is left on the gun for too long it will start to pit the metal.

    If I do decide to rust blue my Makarov I will probably use this solution from Brownells:
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    Shoulda finished readin DOH!
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