S/D ammo for sale at walmart

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  1. So Sunday I went to wally world for a box of WWB and first thing I noticed was prices went form 15.00 to 18.00 so after the :shock: look I see next to the 9mm WWB a box of S/D ammo for 16.00 WTF its a 50 rd box so I ask Mr.Stoner gonna be a 40yr old virgin living in his mothers basement playing everquest. since when do you sell S/D ammo. Then without fail he says " duuuuuuuuudddddeeeee we have always had that so I picked up a box to try out its 147gr HP winchester in a white box I like the heaver bullet plus it is far less recoil in my C9 havnt got to the range to try it out but does everyone elses Walmart carry S/D ammo
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    I fired some bill HIlls in 147 a few weeks ago. I too liked the weight.. But I did not know the Wally World carried it.

  3. All my local Wal Mart's carry the Winchester 147gr JHP. My 9mm's seem to like the heavier bullets so I always have a couple boxes on hand as part of of my SHTF gear. Recoil with the 147gr bullets is noticeably lighter than the 115 and 124gr loads.
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    Good lord use punctuation man!

    But yeah, I was at Wal-Mart today have an oil change done, and saw it was like $18 for a 50rd box of hollow points...they were fully out of .223, though :(
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    My walmart has always carried those Dude.. :lol:
    I like em because they are cheap enough to practice some with what I carry.

    P.S. World of Warcraft is the new Everquest, the cool kids quit playing EQ years ago.
  6. In the time I've been buying ammo, Wal-Mart has had those Winchester hollowpoints. Granted, that's been less than a year....

    And Everquest is cooler than World of Warcraft, in my opinion.
  7. Yes, my Wally World carries SD ammo and always has.
  8. Was at wally world this morning looking at ammo and I didn't see any there. Doesn't mean they don't carry it. I couldn't find anyone to help me. Gues they were all playing world warcraft or everquest or what ever they play in the gaming section. I'll have to go back after work when the older guys are working and hope they have their bifocols.
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    I haven't seen the Winchester HPs, but my local one carries the Remington ones.
  10. Yes my wal-mart carrys s/d ammo but they do not sell JHP in 45acp. I was rather upset i wanted a few more boxes for my shtf bag and i had to drivwe to GR to get em!
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    Easy now, he DID bring us the AR15/M16 platform! :wink:
  12. The Walmarts here all have it. They have for a while.