S&I Arsenal's 380 ACP

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    Well guys here is the next video in our Hi Point series thanks guys for all the views and response

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    OK, nice video.
    The picture in picture shot of the gun is a stroke of genius.
    Definitely keep that one for future video's also.
    camera position is good, shooter, gun and target are all in the frame.
    I like your effort to get the viewer involved in the process, pointing at the viewer and talking to them 'directly' works.
    Everybody needs a little 'gimmick', treating the viewer like they are standing right there and are part of the team is a great one.
    It makes it much more personal.
    I also like the round counter in the corner, good find.
    There is no harm in a little humor either like you've done at the end with Steve's finger counter.
    The repeat of the gun info at the end of the video is also good, gives people another chance to read the info you've given them in the video.
    As far as the 8 round mag, its feed lips are easily adjusted, plenty of YouTube video's you can refer too or better yet, make one yourself that you can link to; basic dissasembly/assembly and mag adjustment.
    We have all that info here on the site, feel free to use it, that's what we are here for.
    Maybe a little linky to the forum in return....:D;)
    Massive improvement in the vids, great job and keep improving!!!
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    Great video. Thanks.
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    Nice video... and dang swaga, great review