S&W 22A

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  1. what you guys think? i haven't yet shoot it but i like the fact it's really easy to field strip. i'm also debate go with ruger mark 3 22/45, but the field strip seem really complicated. and a local shop selling a used 22a for $130. as early as tomorrow i might just go down there and pick it up.
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    Sounds like a good deal. They're a decent gun.

  3. I just looked at a new one today 7in. barrel for 229$, going to another gun store on saturday and seeing what they got.
  4. Ari

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    I got one not long back and I like it so far.. I am going to scope it.
  5. I just looked at a new one today 7in. barrel for 229$, going to another gun store on saturday and seeing what they got.
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    I was gonna get this, at Kames Sport Goods, it was only 189 bucks!
    I didnt like it, it was rather heavy for a 22, and i hated the sights. It does however come with 2 10 round mags. But i chose a Heritage Revolver instead.
  7. well, i told to the shop guy today. apparently the gun that they selling for 130 is a lemon. he told me not to buy it. they were using it as range rental gun but it keep ftf, they sent it back to s&w 3 times and getting some bs reason for why it not fire right like need to be keep clean, can't have ANY powder behind the trigger...etc. so it's there for suckers who's not their usual to buy. i guess i'm lucky i'm one of their usual than. but that being say, i'm still short for a 22 pistol, semi or revolver. just have to be cheap and not single action...
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    I have a s&w 22a that I purchased a few months. I picked it up for right at $200, and couldnt be happier. I personally like the fact that it is heavy for a .22, it feels like holding a real pistol. I tried out the neos, and it just had a "toy" feel. I do like the ruger mkiii's but they are a bit higher priced of coarse.
  9. I've had mine for years!


    All good...no bad.
  10. Just took her out today....200 rds no problems....got about 1.500 rds through her so far.
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    I haven't tried the SW22, but I recently picked up a used ruger 22/45 MKIII target model 5-1/5" barrel with 5 mags , HiViz front sights and a nice adjustable rear for $250. It was well kept almost no signs of wear. Field stripping is simple after figuring it out. Took her out today and put a brick through it with no problems. I did run a home made bore snake throught it after about 250 rounds but it wasn't necessary. At the price I see the SW going for I may just have to pick one up to have another reliable inexpensive plinker.
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    This is the one I got not a lot of money

  13. S&W 22 are prone to jam, jam enough said. Had one brand new, sent it back to S&W got it back was no better. So you take your chance on a used gun BUYER BE WARE. Sometimes you get lucky. Just like finding a gold nugget.
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    i have the same one with a red dot and i have well over 1000 rds through it with just a ftf every now and then. all in all its a dang good pistol. i like it and i will never part with it.
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    Same here, mine rarely ever jams even after a couple of thousand rounds. If I found one for $130 I would buy it in a heartbeat.
  16. I've never had a ftf in mine....use CCI Blazers always.
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    Wow this is the same for me no FTF I only use CCIs too.. But I will be trying others as here CCIs are going for $20 something a box (500)

  18. I do like the grip on this one these are at times very good shooters. just like any fire arm, some are good some are not so good. This one looks real nice. Happy Shooting.