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I have been looking at A LOT of new pistols lately, and originally wanted to go with a 1911. However I have decided to get my CCW here in Oregon and a firearm for that. I did a bit of research and a lot of people have recommended the S&W 6906 sighting its ergonomics, weight, and reliability as reasons to use it as a CCW.

Here is a link to the gun itself.


Seems like a hell of a deal for the firearm, I love the way it looks and reviews of it have been outstanding. I honestly haven't seen any complaints.

Almost everyone recommended pairing it with the Cor-Bon 115gr +P Jacked Hollow Point.

I know it isn't a .45 ACP but I am not a large person and I think this would have plenty of "Stopping Power" and be a lot easier to conceal then a .45 ACP.

Any thoughts?!?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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