S&W M&P 9mm

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    I ordered one the other day and I can't wait to shoot it. I have heard a lot of good remarks regarding these pistols. It will be my first handgun. Opinions?

  2. Dont have one and not had the pleasure to shoot one yet, but the folks I know who do have them seemed very pleased. Personally I think you did good.

  3. Bingo.


    This is my main carry choice. 9C. It rocks.
  4. duker_sponk

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    Oh man I am excited about this gun!
  5. Ari

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    I have heard good things about them
  6. I love mine it is my duty weapon i wouldnt have anything else.....execpt maybe a f/n fiveseven
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    I was torn between one like that and the Taurus PT111 Millenium PRO I bought yesterday. The MP I was drooling over was used in like new condition. Felt really nice in my hands. The two things that made me decide on the Taurus was size and trigger pull. I'm seriously thinking about going back and getting that MP.... if it's still there.

    I think you made and excellent choice. Congratulations!
  8. M&P ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!! Just put anothe 250 rds through mine today. Great pistol.


  9. Now for a word of warning on the serpa holster. I Several glock users have shot themselves in the leg when drawling and placing too much preasure on the release switch and as the weapon pulls out the finger hits the frame of the gun and skips down the edge of the pistol, onto the trigger, thus discharging it, usually into the leg. I use one for my 1911 as it has a thumb saftey. Although I have never had my finger hit the switch, it seems that these incidents (a couple with training rounds) have always occured during fast drawls in competitions and training. I suggest you unload and try to emulate this to see if you or your firearm is prone to making this happen. If there is even a bit of chance, discontinue use. If you don't understand how it happens by my vague descriptions, then I can make a video to show you how it happens.
  10. The only thing I have heard from the serpa holster is for this model. They have a recall on it.... I have the newest coming to me as soon as it is released.

    I have never had a problem with hitting the trigger while drawing or reholstering. I have used this one and the ones for the Beretta 92. (M9)

    I like how your finger is covering the trigger well (not on the trigger) as you draw??? Just my preference and I dont see that as a issue at all for me. (Hope those are not famous last words). I do understand what you are talking about and I have not had that happen with this holster. But as I said a new one is coming soon so I will have to recheck.
  11. I had to force it to happen to me by putting way more then needed pressure on the release. I just like to let people know about it. I love mine, or did untill my dog ate it. Going to try to cut it down to remove the chewed up part.