S&W M&P Holster recall

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  1. Not sure how many other than me on here have a M&P but there has been a recall on the BLACKHAWK CQC holster. Here is the link for anyone interested.

    When I called they said the new holster will be out in like 35 or 45 days. It sucks but hopefully they will get me so frre shwag out of it. But then agian it is Blackhawk.......

    This was recalled on 7 DEC 07.
  2. Ari

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    Wow that does not sound to good

  3. Yeah I was thinking the same thing!!!! From what the CS rep said there was only one AD on record but they felt that was enough to go for a full recall and redesign of the holster.

    She did say for me to keep all of the mounting options and just send the holster. (like the belt and paddle bits...) So at least I will have some spare parts out of the deal????
  4. shit i gotta send mine in thanks for the post
  5. Got the gun, not the holster. Looking at the high-wall, if I see it right..... DUH?????? looks like a finger sticking up! You insert quickly at an angle and bang. Thanks for posting - hate to see any of our friends get bit.
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    you think they would have learned from the Fobus recal a couple years ago.

  7. it really isnt that pronounced if you ask me. I will have to put it on and see if I can make mine go off. (pistol cleared of course) I will let you guys know what happens lol
  8. Well I got the CQC out of the box today to see if I could make it fire by reholstering...... Let me tell you it takes alot of work to make that happen like missing the holster completly with the weapon at almost a 45* angle.

    I really have no idea how anyone could have a AD unless they got there shirt of jactek caught in the trigger well.... But I will take my free holster when it comes. I slightly cross treaded on of the nut serts on mine so stleast that will be fixed....