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S&W MP 15 556

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Hi everyone, it has been a minute since I've visited these forums.

I just recently bought a S&W MP15 556, and quickly learned that I have spent way too many years only shooting .22s and my 4095. So, there is a little bit of a learning curve for me, and I remembered there many helpful people here and a few of them are even knowledgeable.

I have an ex-military friend that is going to get me up to speed on the care and feeding of the rifle, when he becomes available next month.

What I would like to learn about is muzzle breaks. The rifle doesn't really kick at all. It just sorta bounces. I know practice and improving my shooting technique will counter a lot of that.

My first question is will a muzzle break actually reduce that "bounce" any? If so, what am I looking for and what should I stay away from?

I am also curious about suppressors but a little intimidated by the red tape. Can anyone shed any light on how painful the Federal Colonoscopy is, what the hidden costs are and how long that process takes?

I am thoroughly enjoying the rifle and will get to be as competent with it as I am with my other weapons. But I am also aware that I have entered new territory with the AR format, which to me is just an excuse to learn new and exciting things.

Thanks in advance
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I just find it completely insane that an innocuous little tube of metal becomes illegal to possess upon the death of the owner. Clown world.
When I bought mine, it was 20 minutes of filling out paperwork on a computer, the store did the photo and fingerprints, and then $200 extortion/bribe for Uncle Sam. 6 months later, on Jan 1, I picked it up and paid for the suppressor that day. Not even hard.

As to the “bounce:
Do you have the Sport with Carbine gas, or the not-Sport, with mid length gas? The mid length will bounce less, all else being equal.

You want to tune the gas system with the buffer spring and buffer weight. You CAN get some change using a muzzle device, but the real sweetness happens when you use a buffer that properly absorbs the bolt mass and momentum/inertia/energy….whichever the correct word is.

So…buy a few buffers, or one adjustable buffer, and start experimenting. Too much weight leads to shortstroke and reliability issues, so you have to balance things.

Then, any muzzle device that has no holes on the bottom, or sides, but only on top, will maximize the ability of the brake to stop barrel rise.
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What about linear compensators/sound mitigation devices as an alternative to a suppressor? Or are they just gimmicks? I know they don't actually reduce the noise, just push it in a different direction. But I don't particularly care if my target goes deaf. But do they actually work?

As for the bounce, I think I will work on adjusting myself to it before I start trying to modify the rifle.
Linear comps work, but what they do is send everything right out the front. Not down, not up, but forward. The one thing they actually DO, is reduce concussion on the shooter with short pistol barrels (unless you shoot indoors), but it really isn’t “quieter”, and is no help for muzzle jump or recoil. In fact, technically they increase recoil, but it’s so light no one cares.
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