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S&W MP 15 556

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Hi everyone, it has been a minute since I've visited these forums.

I just recently bought a S&W MP15 556, and quickly learned that I have spent way too many years only shooting .22s and my 4095. So, there is a little bit of a learning curve for me, and I remembered there many helpful people here and a few of them are even knowledgeable.

I have an ex-military friend that is going to get me up to speed on the care and feeding of the rifle, when he becomes available next month.

What I would like to learn about is muzzle breaks. The rifle doesn't really kick at all. It just sorta bounces. I know practice and improving my shooting technique will counter a lot of that.

My first question is will a muzzle break actually reduce that "bounce" any? If so, what am I looking for and what should I stay away from?

I am also curious about suppressors but a little intimidated by the red tape. Can anyone shed any light on how painful the Federal Colonoscopy is, what the hidden costs are and how long that process takes?

I am thoroughly enjoying the rifle and will get to be as competent with it as I am with my other weapons. But I am also aware that I have entered new territory with the AR format, which to me is just an excuse to learn new and exciting things.

Thanks in advance
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Thank you all for the response.

I am really digging this rifle, just some stuff I need to learn, as well as some things I need to re-learn. It has probably been 35 years since I have shot a "real" rifle. In recent years it has just been my 4095 and my Rossi .22. But I learned on a Savage .243, graduating up to 30-30's and a 30.06 (which is probably why I don't like bolt actions; that thing beat my ass. Though it did teach me the value of getting a good cheek/shoulder weld).

Ajole, it is the Sport model.

What about linear compensators/sound mitigation devices as an alternative to a suppressor? Or are they just gimmicks? I know they don't actually reduce the noise, just push it in a different direction. But I don't particularly care if my target goes deaf. But do they actually work?

As for the bounce, I think I will work on adjusting myself to it before I start trying to modify the rifle.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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