S&W or Ruger? Need help.

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    I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to get as a fairly priced, decent first handgun. I thought about the Ruger P95R but now I am kind of liking the feel and look of the S&W Model 5906. I decided to stick with the 9mm I know and have shot thousands of rounds of but I could really use some input on it. Any suggestions? Is there anything in 9mm one would suggest that might be "better"?

  2. What are the price ranges for the 9mm's that you are considering? Today I had the opportunity to shoot a CZ 75B, comes with 2 factory 16 round magazines and MSRP is $502.00, and you can usually get it for less. There is a used one downtown right now for $380.00 out the door. I just wish I had the money to go get it, and I can pay no higher praise for that pistol that that. Something to consider.
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    I have seen used CZ75b for less then that... I have seen XD9's for that type of money
  4. Another vote for the CZ. It's an outstanding firearm. Ruger semi autos feel like bricks to me. I've never held or fired the Smith you are looking at, so I can't comment there.

    Take a look at CZ, you'll be impressed.
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    Wow fellas thanks for the input, I went down and checked one out and that CZ is a balanced piece. My price range was 400 but I can compensate because you guys suggested right. Thanks for the help. I might still get the S&W sometime soon but that is not for deciding right now. Thanks again ya'll.
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    The P95 is a much more entry level semi-auto, while the M&P is more of a professional level weapon. I like them both, but the M&P is better tuned and lighter.
    The XD9 is a more fair contender against the M&P.

    Shoot them and see how they feel in your hands. That will be the 'decider'
  7. I own a s&w sigma 9mm it came with two 16rnd mags for 300 otd nib.
    I would highly recomend one yes the trigger pull is very hard but it can be fixed by a competent gun-smith or you can train with it. If you can stay on target with a 12lb trigger pull then you sure as hell can stay on target with a 2-5 lb pull. also it has a lifetime warrenty. This of course is just my opinion though. I also own a s&w M&P that i have been carring a lot lately they are really nice also but they are more around the $600 range for the entire kit. The kit has 3 mags 1 holster case cleaning kit 2mag holder and a belt.
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    Sigma SW9VE

    +1 on the Sigma. They had a bad rap 9 years ago which unfortunately has stuck. Any S/N made after 2001 should be great.
    I have over 1500 rounds thru mine and it has performed flawlessly. And I actually like the trigger pull ( i got used to it). It's fun to shoot, pretty accurate, and the price/ warranty is excellent.
  9. I am very fond of my Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro 9mm for concealed carry use, basically its a scaled down version of the Taurus 24/7. The smaller grip frame on the PT111 M-Pro is better suited for concealed carry than its larger brother the 24/7, and the M-Pro fits my hand a lot better due to its smaller grip frame.

    I used to be a BIG fan of Ruger semi-auto's, then I started shooting IDPA matches and while my Ruger was in the shop I used a buddys S&W Sigma. When I got my Ruger back it was promptly traded for a Sigma because the Sigma had a slightly smaller grip and fit my hand better than the Ruger did. Sigma's are now listed on the S&W web site as the 9VE in 9mm.

    Golcks and XD's are ok, run of the mil service style pistols, but the grip frame on these pistols does not quiet fit my hands like the Pt111 M-Pro or S&W 9VE does.

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    Re which one

    +2 on the S&W Sigma. I have a 40VE that has been 100% 8)
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    +3 on the Sigma. I had to sell my beloved 40VE this past weekend. However, I still have my 9VE and love it also. I've tried CZ, Glock, Baby Eagle, and Browning. The Sigma just fits my hand the best. That and reliability should be the deciding factors in buying any pistol. :D
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    I checked out the Sigma the other day and it does feel like quite a balanced weapon. I will probably get the CZ-75 cause that is a sweet piece. I have been saving my pennies for a while to make a handgun purchase so maybe i'll just buy one of each.
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    i vote anything xd (9 or 40). beautiful guns to shoot.
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    I handled a new Ruger SR9 at a shop a couple of weeks ago and I liked it quite a bit. I have small hands and the grips were very comfortable. It was priced at $400. I know its a new gun and may have some bugs, but I thought I would toss it out.
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    I have a P94DC in 40 S&W. It's built like a tank, shoots anything I fed it, and only cost me $250 used. It's more accurate then my H&K USP Compact and gives more velocity (the barrel is slightly longer). Best of all it's made in the good ol USA. Go for the Ruger.
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    Yeah I was talking to my father about the S&W versus the Ruger versus the CZ and other variants of the 9mm that I have looked at and he said to go for something American made. He said he might even want to spring for it for a Christmas gift if its an American made firearm.

  17. Shoot if hes gonna spring why not try for a Kimber Classic pro?! :wink:
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    haha only in my wildest dreams.