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    I found a SW432 PD NIB and I am picking it up Tuesday. 8) This is a 6 shot J frame at 13.5 oz. The wife who is recoil sensitive is in for a surprise. Federal makes a personal defense load in the .32 H&R magnum. I know this gun will fire .32 long, but can she practice with .32 acp as well? Thanks for your replys. :wink:
  2. No, she can't. .32 ACP is a semi-rimmed cartridge. The .32 H&R Mag is a rimmed cartridge.

    You might be able to get a .32 ACP to go off but it would only be a matter of luck because without the full rim the .32 ACP will have nothing to keep it from sliding forward and away from the hammer/firing pin. If you do get it to fire the shell casing probably would slide back and jam/bind the cylinder and lock it up.

    I have an old NEF .32 MAG. I've tried it.
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  3. FLA2760,

    Congrats! You and your wife will love shooting the .32 H&R Mag but you may not enjoy paying for the ammo because most shops like to jack the prices a bit due to low sells volume.

    The .32 H&R Mag has found a new following among the Single Action Shooters crowd, and most recently Marlin chambered the 1894 lever rifle in the .32 H&R Mag and put a 22 or 24" octogon barrel on it for the Single Action Shooter's. This rifle is not currently listed on the Marlin web site, so my guess is that they produced these on a special run basis and you can probably still get one if its what turns your wheels.

    I had an older H&R pistol chamberd for the round back in the 80's, ended up selling it cause back then the caliber was so new that no one wanted to stock ammo for it. Almost bought a Ruger Single Six a while back in the .32 H&R Mag but passed on it because at the time I had no reloading equipment and found out the price of the Marlin rifle was a bit more than I could afford for a good long while...LOL!

    Enjoy and post some pic's and shooting feedback on your new gun.