SA EMP Owners?

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  1. Any Springfield 1911 EMP owners, please PM me. I have a question or two I'd like get your thoughts / experiences.
  2. If you buy me one, not only will you be my best friend, but I'll shoot that gun every single weekend and share every experience and thought I have on it!

  3. The offer is certainly tempting............ and given your background, you'd no doubt be able to help me!

    I'm having a devil of a time getting the darn takedown pin reinserted. I know what the problem is but not sure best way to fix it. I didn't want to burden the forum with my problem here; but anyone can input if you want to. I have to go out now, but will put some pics up if anyone interested.
  4. That thing is always a PITA! Obviously be sure everything's lines up, and after that you kinda got work it in there. I'm sure there are plenty of guides and tips out there, but I have always found that a combination of patience and foul mouth cussing will do the trick.
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    ROTFLMAO :lol: :lol:
  6. Yes I think that combo works on most problems. If not the biggest hammer you can find as well as some extra cussing usually does the trick. For really stubborn problems you might have to implement several cans of beer :lol:
  7. Gosh, you guys are SOOO helpful!

    I did get it back together, but my NRA card took a pounding.