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SA9 help

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Just bought a SA9 and the trigger housing assembly is cracked where can I find parts
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Welcome to the Asylum, here's a copy of THE RULES for the forum and how THE MARKETPLACE works...

I've moved your post to the discussion area due to the fact that it doesn't fit the parameters of a "want" ad.
Honestly man I don’t know I bought them used no paperwork how can I tell a difference
Take pictures and post them. There should be roll marks on the slide. Plus we'll know more about what you need and how we can help.
Hmmm... looks like a Keltec. The mfg according to the frame is Standard Arms out of Reno Nevada. I've never seen one. Maybe a "Ring of Fire" gun? Keltec parts may be compatable. Gonna have to do some research. Where did you buy it? I hope you didn't pay too much for it.
Welcome btw.

My Google Fu says Standard Arms, est. 1999, is the artist formerly known as Lorcin...
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@Jonboi83 , it would appear Numrich has your parts.

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Checked out the site it has a lot but not what I need that I could find Thanks to everyone trying to help
What parts, exactly, are broken and not functioning? The trigger assembly doesn't tell us much. Trigger, spring, pivot, retainer pin, trigger bar, hammer and spring assembly?

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Okay so that top picture, the trigger housing itself is snapped in two pieces and that's pretty much a donor gun now. That whole housing is garbage unless you're willing to find someone to weld or braze it. Not 100% advisable, but an option.

In the lower picture something is disconnected, but without better pictures and/or you taking it apart to find out what part is causing the malfunction it's all guess work.
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By "apart" I mean, in pieces and fully disassembled because we can't see through the side of the aluminum housing to observe if things are right.

Surely there has to be a better angle or view to determine the positioning of the parts?
@adam01364 beat me to it on the spring position and the broken housing being serialized. I should have mentioned that in my other post...
Sorry don’t no why it sent that but you guys are great the spring was the issue for the trigger bar it is now fixed well at least one is now I just have to find that trigger assembly piece that is broken that seems to be the one piece the Internet does not have lol
You won't. Like we said, that's the serialized portion of the gun. The likelihood of you finding just that piece without another gun wrapped around it are between slim and none.
Technically he can make himself his own lower receiver/fire control group for personal use. The law on this really doesn't conform to common sense and the realities of present day technology, and has lead up to the problems with 80% lowers and "ghost guns", where the relatively new term "ghost gun" needed to be created since calling them "illegally manufactured firearms" would have been wrong since they are not illegal in all situations.

Personally, I wouldn't bother attempting to fix the thing. I realize that the OP is probably at a point in life where he has more time than money, but there are better things for him to spend his time on than putting together a scratch made fire control group for a poorly designed and manufactured pistol.
He can make for himself, yes, but he is talking about having someone else manufacture it for him. Different animal there. That's why I suggested the brazing to repair it. No manufacturing required.
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