Sad day for Hot Rod fans.

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  1. Mike_AZ

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    Oh wow. That's sad. I enjoyed seeing the stuff he turned out on his show.

  2. oh snap, that came out of nowhere. I would have expected one of the old guys before him. I can't help but wonder if it was heart related. Guess we will know soon . post back if you get more info.
  3. Man that sucks. I liked his show.
  4. `Justin

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    That sucks, he had some awsome desings...
  5. TnShooter83

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    His designs were wicked sweet...him on the other hand seemed
    kind of stuck up, Yeah, ok...a PRICK.

    But I didn't know him. Just what I seen him as on the few shows.

    He might have been a very nice guy.
    I wish the family the best.
  6. elguapo

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    His stuff was cool, but not my bag.
    His show, was too reality TV.
    I consider myself not a fan, but I hate hearing about anyone passing.

    My condolences.
  7. He had a lot of nice designs. I always liked the bright colors of his cars.
  8. Uraijit

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    Sad for his family and friends, but the hot-rod industry didn't lose much. I only watched his show a couple of times, and saw some very shoddy work performed both times I saw it. He once drove a car in the parking lot, without a radiator or a single ounce of coolant in the engine! Anybody who really knew anything about cars would never do anything like that.

    He stole millions of dollars with his scams of borrowing money, and then filing bankruptcy, he did this several times. He was convicted of fraud at least once, etc, etc.

    The guy was a crook and an ass. The only reason he had any sort of fame was 'cause of the TV show... which wasn't that great.

    Some nice cars did come out of his shop, but he didn't ever touch them until they were finished. This "Hot Rod King" thing is a total joke.

    I'm not one to celebrate death, but I sure can't seem to spare any sympathy for the guy.
  9. Strangerous

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    I LOST ALL RESPECT for Boyd Coddington when he fired Blue Bear... Blue Bear was the life of the shop, busted his ask in the shop, and did his best to please Boyd... but it wasn't enough. Then Boyd Challenged him to a buildoff, and wouldn't let blue bear build his car the way he wanted to... then fired blue bear. But to not seem like a total a-hole, My prayers are with the Coddington family.