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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by lsi1, Jan 23, 2016.

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    this morning I let my 2 dogs out as usaual but clipped the female lab mix Shayde up to her cable and let my male pit run because he'll do his business and come immediately back to the door. I stepped back inside to hit the button that brews the magic beans and through the baby monitor I hear the sounds of my daughter waking up with an attitude. I abandon the dogs and coffee and go tend to the 7 month old with the emergency which happened to be a diaper bomb that was generated sometime in the middle of the night. After I got her calm and breakfast fed I remembered the dogs and went to let them in. No dogs. Since I live in a fairly rural setting and its not unheard of for my dogs to be loose I thought little about it until 1/2 hour later when my pit came home and my Lab didn't.

    My wife posted the missing do to all the local facebook groups and we contacted the neighbors. after lunch I decided to go looking for the dog figured I'd take my son and make a game at following her tracks in the snow.

    we followed the tracks to the river. From what i can tell of the tracks she went out onto the shore ice and either decided to go for a swim or fell into the water.

    I'm holding out hope that maybe since it had gotten warmer today that the ice chunk where she urned around and came back to shore had just floated away.

    she has a history of taking off but usaually comes home in a couple hours. My name and phone number are on her tags i never did get around to getting her microchipped.
  2. moona11

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    Hope you dog comes home soon..

  3. tallbump

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    That really stinks, man. Hope she makes it home
  4. sarahsmom

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    Oh, no! Praying you find her.
  5. Irishfanatik

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    I'm sorry to hear about your day. I hope someone finds your dog and calls you.
  6. planosteve

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    I hope she comes back, wishing you the best.
  7. Man that is very sad, I've been down this road once too. Hopefully your dog comes back.
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    Sorry to hear that...they are like children.
  9. MaryB

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    Hope she makes it back... labs are escape artists, I never found a way to keep mine on her chain. She broke standard dog chains and even light duty log chain so I had her on medium log chain with a caabiner that screwed closed. Yup she somehow managed to get it to unscrew and got loose! She was reported 10 miles away in town then showed up 7 days later...
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    Hope you hear something soon, Larry...
  11. lsi1

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    No Dog this am no news yet. Thank you all for the kind words. Gonna walk slme trails today get a couple miles out and search for her.
  12. tallbump

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    That really stinks, man. Saw that you posted in this thread, was hoping it was good news
  13. greg_r

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    Was hoping you would have found her by now. Hope she comes home soon.
  14. Zeroturner

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    It's not too late.

    Keep looking.

    I'm pulling for your dog and you.
  15. HFAdmin

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    Any updates?
  16. lsi1

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    still nothing. called all local shelters vets and talked with my local LEO(just in case he comes across her in his travels.) no dogs spotted matching her description.
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    Damn, sorry to hear that. Still wish you the best.
  18. Do not give up. This was in my local paper today:

    ORANGE — A search lasting days and firefighters with thermal-imaging cameras found nothing, but a dog who went missing after being struck by a car in mid-December turned up alive this weekend after 43 days of coping in the cold.

    New Salem Dog Officer Gail Spring said two men found Chessie on a frozen pond in her town, near his Orange home. She wasn’t expecting it to be the missing dog.

    “Seriously, a month later, what was the real chance?” Spring said.

    But it was him — with an injured hip, hungry and frail after weeks of with little to eat or drink but snow. “They’re lucky they got him because a month later, that’s amazing with the amount of predators about,” Spring said.

    The 11-month-old Chesapeake Bay retriever ran into the woods after he was struck by a car on Eagleville Road Dec. 12, and was thought to be injured. A month and a half later, many of those days and nights well below freezing, he was found by residents who cared for him until he could be collected by the New Salem dog officer and returned to his owners, worse for wear but alive.

    “We got lucky. Seriously, we got lucky. I didn’t think that we’d ever find him. When they get hit like that you never know.”

    Getting hit, especially at night, disorients an animal and they don’t know what to do, she said, but at this point he was probably hungry enough that he let people catch him.

    Spring said he has a long road to recovery and that Chesapeake retrievers are strong.

    Reached by phone Monday, owner John Greenwood was busy at the veterinarian’s office and unable to talk.

    The Fire Department helped search for the dog the night he went missing and posted a description the following day. Many commenters on Facebook posted where they were and promised to keep a lookout.

    The department noted in its later post that the initial post reached 32,009 people, and locals, including firefighters in their off-hours, had continued to search for the dog.

    You can reach Chris Curtis at: [email protected]
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    Anything yet?
  20. lsi1

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    just as an update still no dog.