Sad news for bank teller in Indianna robbery.....

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    If they ever catch the creep they should give him 2 life sentences or 2 jolts of a heavy duty voltage device! :wink:

  2. Good God All Mighty! My prayers go out to this family.

    IMHO, I vote for drawing and quartering. Sometimes we need to revert to the old ways of capitol punishment.
  3. I feel so bad for the woman and her family.

    If the BG gets caught, he will get 20 years and be out in 5 on parole.

    To hell with what the rest of the world thinks, taking guns away will not slow down the crime like this, public televised executions, will.

    They could have a lottery where you pay to be the one to pull the switch, and the money could go to a victims fund.

    I am TIRED of the BG's ruling the streets.
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  5. That is a lotto ticket I would buy
  6. Reminds me of a sign above a cash register I saw at a store: it was a carved wooden pistol and under it said "We don't believe in 911". Wish that applied to that scumbag. Six feet under is too good for him.
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    Live by the sword......... These type BG would make a nice ballistic test medium, everybody has to contribute somehow :wink:
  8. Having a twin sister, I sympathize in a major way. The man that did this should fry for it.
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    I hate it when innocent (you can't get any more innocent than a fetus, i'm sorry but you can't) ones are taken by such a blatant act of greed and violence. This is truly a crying shame.
  10. I'd buy 10!

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    I am all for public execution, criminals don't feel like anything bad can happen to them. They commit a violent crime, get sentenced to 20 years and they are out in 5 on "good behavior".

    Now if they had public executions than these people would think twice. They would see what is possible and it would ground them a little I think.

    Criminals really do not have much to fear with our justice system. Most of them get a slap on the wrist compared to the crime they commit.

    What is prison these days? 3 square meals, cable t.v., free time in the "yard". Yes it can be worse, but most these people know if they go away it isn't going to be the worst situation they have been in.
  12. A local guy just got 20 years suspended for molesting his wifes little daughter more than once.

    His wife, who knew he was doing it and did nothing to stop it, got 20 yrs suspended also and was just worried about getting her sentence written up in such a way so she could keep her teachers certificate. :shock:

    So much for justice.
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    Shouldn't he just be charged with practicing medicine without a license?

    Afterall, all he did was a double abortion... According to our government, fetuses aren't people...
  14. I know you are making a political statement, but still dude, that was plain cold hearted. :shock:
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    I'm just saying, everybody's screaming execution (I agree BTW) but I have no doubt some of those folks would have been just fine if SHE had been the one to 'pull the trigger' on the babies...

    So is it murder to kill unborn babies, or isn't it? It's such a double standard, it makes me sick.
  16. I know what you mean, personally I feel that its her body, and she is the one that has to live with the knowledge of what she did by making the choice to have an abortion. We can judge her, but that is as far as our ability to do anything goes.

    However I feel about it, it really is none of my business, and I do not have the right to tell her what to do.

    Getting shot in the stomach by a robber is an entirely different story.

    Im sure with twins, her belly was pretty good sized, and the robber shot her there knowing there were living humans in there. Thus my outrage at the act. She had no choice in the matter.
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    Again, it's either life, or it's not. Why is it enough for a woman to "live with the choice", but it's not enough for this guy to "live with his choice"...

    It's a double standard like none other.
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    I am just sickened by our legal system. I know quite a few LEO's and other folks in the Law Enforcement fields. The idiots who murdered these children and attempted to kill their mother will eventually get caught due to the hard work of these professionals. The courts and prison system turn around and release these "reformed" jerks back into society after a token term of their sentence is carried out.

    My heart goes out to this family for their loss.

    With any luck these jerks will "resist arrest" and save society the cost of a trial.