Sad reminder to make sure your weapon is unloaded

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  1. Rest in peace, better luck in the next life :(.

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    A tragic display of unsafe handling.

    No one should leave an unlocked firearm unattended. No one w/out proper knowledge of safe firearms handling should touch a firearm. No one Should pull the trigger of a fire arm w/out checking at least 3 times that it is unloaded.

    I completely disagree w/ this though.
    "No one should have had a loaded gun at the apartment complex where so many kids live"
  3. Did you catch that the sorry SOB tried to convince the police that his brother shot himself accidentally before admitting he did it?

    And I am with z71silverado about being anal about making sure that the chamber is clear before doing anything with a weapon.

    My P08 Luger is my cabinet queen, I don't keep it loaded, and when I take it out I STILL drop the mag and cycle the toggle 3 times.

    That is my magic number, 3 times. Once to be sure, twice to make damn sure and the third time just in case. I will freely admit that I am very anal about that.
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    Tragic . Like my sig says .
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    That's just a sad story all around. My thoughts go out to the family for sure.
  6. Followup on the story for anyone thats interested, the kid panicked and ran 1 block home after being shot, and basically bled out.

    Medical personnel said he only had 4 pints of blood in him when they got to him and they lost him due to loss of blood complications.

    He may have survived if he had stayed calm and someone had called 911 quicker

    I guess its kind of hard to stay calm after being shot though.
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    +1 for the magazine lockout. I know it's common sense to check the chamber, but some people just don't have common sense.
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    I've heard war stories of people who have a hand or partial limb taken off, and someone having to tackle the hurt person and hold to keep them alive, because they were running around... going crazy. (who wouldn't go crazy after something like that though) This is a sad story indeed, and I hope this is an accident and not an incident caused by anger and jealousy.
  9. If the story changes, I will update it. As it stands right now, its a young man that was not good with gun safety that killed his little brother by accident.

    They said in the paper today that the shooter fell over and passed out during a memorial held for his little brother.